From: "Joyce L. Perrin"

Subject: Alabama's upcoming lost of rights under guise of "smart growth"

We are literally weeks away from this agenda


In 1999 we began to repetitively hear news about our o-zone rating and non-compliance with the EPA federal Clean Air Act. During this same time period our water also came under question by the local authorities with special concerns because of the drought. 

All these questions seemed appropriate at the time. People are naturally concerned about their actions and the result to our living environment. 

We also began to hear about "urban sprawl" and occasionally "Smart Growth". Cities across the country began to notice this "crisis" and implement plans to restrict growth and control sprawl. 

Portland, Oregon is one of the test cases where it now costs 10 times more to purchase a home than before this panic reaction set in. Soon other places began to follow suit and now we have several big cities "controlling" growth. All of these places using "smart growth" methods to restrict use of "resources" such as land and water. 

Kansas is now fighting to keep farmers from having to pay for their own water in their ponds or streams. Fencing off streams is becoming common. 

In Alabama you can't spread chicken manure from November 15 to February 15 because of violation of environmental rules. 

Locally, Atlanta has begun to pass some of these same laws and appoint commissions who have authority over elected officials. 

The State of Alabama has been encouraging our Officials (Representatives and Senators) to attend classes in Atlanta where they can see how to duplicate these plans. 

We are currently following Georgia almost step by step to enact this same type legislation as early as Feb. 6, 2001. Our governor has created a "Commerce Commission" by Executive Order #6 last year, followed by a Environmental Commission in July 2000. 

Both of these groups have "appointed members" recommending "broad - based" initiatives to our governor by March and January 2001, respectively. " We have had the Commerce Commission in Blount County just a few weeks ago with a representative "public meeting on planning. Maps were shown at this meeting showing the area make-up of population, car ownership, water access as well as "race" makeup. 

The Environmental Group (ACEI) has been meeting to form "consensus" about the public's interest in the environment. It should be noted that a list of 60 items was presented in Montgomery just last week by this commission which will go to the Governor by January 15th for possible Legislative action.

One of the items is a "Smart Growth Commission" which will work with our Commerce Commission to implement their plans. Plans such as commission members getting $1000.00 / day pay plus expenses, more "enforcement" power for ADEM, creation of several new environmental boards to enforce things such as storm water run-off (that any water falling from above on your land), water withdrawal permits (includes your wells), etc., all funded by in many cases the "general fund" (remember amendment 1 money). 

If you listen to the "big media" you would think we are drinking muddy water and need to wear gas masks to work. While if you research in a little further than one article you will find just as much documentation that are NOT in a global warming situation and that current precaution on the environment are actually working. 

However, these reports will not grow the "environmental crisis" movement forward. We are following Georgia one step at a time. How do we know? Just ask your local politicians who attended the Region 2020 meeting in September of this year. They received a report from the governors office telling of these two groups and that they would "impact everyone" in this state soon. 

Historically almost 2 years ago in Georgia, when the EPA began to pressure the State of Georgia to become compliant with the Federal Clean Air Act. A incumbent Governor lost his election and a new Governor pressed forward with legislation creating a broad called the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA). This "appointed" board was given almost total control of the state through Georgia SB 57 in early 1999. This board could not only over-ride transportation decisions but also any regional development in the state, region by region. This control included included a code section allowing GRTA to "activate jurisdiction " over county governments, i.e. commissions and their chairs. 

This particular authority was recently announced to the Cobb County Commission in a letter dated May 22, 2000. GRTA also has by law a working relationship with the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority, although they too fall sub-ordinate to the GRTA. "Smart Growth" became the buzz-word and the Georgia Legislature created the Greenspace Commission in July, 2000 encouraging counties and cities to adopt policies and rules which will enable them to preserve at least 20% "greenspace" of their land areas. 

"Greenspace" means a permanently protected land and water, including agricultural and forestry land, that is in its undeveloped natural state or is restored to be consistent with, one or more listed goals for natural resource protection or informal recreation." 

According to the Alabama Commission Environmental Initiatives (ACEI) the public has 15 days (December 12, 2000 - January 5, 2001) to respond to their broad "initiatives" before they are presented to Governor Siegelman on January 15, 2001. There are NO suggested implementation plans attached to these initiatives. 

You can see most of these initiatives on the internet at the following address: or feel free to contact me at my office in Blount county anytime. Take this opportunity to inform your congressman about how you feel concerning this issue. It will be too late soon. Joyce L. Perrin 79544 U S Hwy 278 Blountsville, Al 35031 (205) 429-4672 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Interested in Constitutional Issues? Checkout The Freedom Page radio show audio tapes.  Just click:

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