Chimacum: Bear or cougar feared as one dog hurt, another missing


Peninsula Daily News

CHIMACUM -- A bear or a cougar in the vicinity of Chimacum School may have attacked two dogs early this week.

One of the dogs returned home, seriously wounded, to owner Cathie Baker on Old Anderson Lake Road.

The other has been missing since the incident Sunday night.

When Baker and her family returned home from Tacoma late Sunday evening they found Shelly, a 3½-year-old female, possibly a Belgium shepherd, was outside of the backyard, curled up and motionless.

But, Maya, a 2-year-old rare breed Leonberger, was no where to be found.

At 115 pounds, Maya is bred to protect her family. She's one of about 2,000 in the United States.

Baker said her dogs have never escaped the yard before except when someone forgot to lock the gate.

``Something got them excited enough to break out,'' Baker said.


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