The Great State of Jefferson : A Modest Proposal for the Establishing of a New State

Kurt Erichsen
Sierra Times


The Counties of Southwestern and Southern Oregon, specifically Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath, having been disenfrachised by the State of Oregon, impoverished by the Black Hole of the Willamette Valley, should and would do well to join with the several Counties of Northern California in establishing a new State, the State of Jefferson.

While well-represented at the local and state levels by our elected officials, we are often ignored by the representatives to the North, our lives are detrimentally dictated by the governments of the North, our businesses are regulated at the whim of the Northern regulators. The fine citizens and businesses of Southern and Southwestern Oregon (Northern Jefferson) should and can have better lives, better economics, a better future for our children, if separated from the Counties in the North.

As the counties of Southern and Southwestern Oregon, and the counties of Northern California are very similar in politics, economy, geography, and culture, yet distinct from the remainder of their respective States in their needs and desires, the joining together in forming a new State is to our advantage. Especially in dealing with the Federal government, as our Federal representatives would be locally oriented. As we stand now, our Federal representatives resides far and remote from us, and do not pay us much mind.

The idea of a new State, the State of Jefferson, dates back to 1941. This is not a new idea, but is now gaining a second wind. Visit for more information, and click on the "Committee" link to read the rules and join.

Kurt Erichsen Member State of Jefferson Citizen's Committee



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