County approves emergency trail repairs

January 28th, 2005 - 9:59pm


(Port Angeles) -- Clallam County Commissioners met in emergency meeting Thursday, approving an exemption from permit requirements that will allow the City of Port Angeles to repair an endangered section of the Olympic Discovery Trail.

Recent high tides and seasonal storms have resulted in areas of rip-rap failure, leaving several portions of the trail between Rayonier and Morse Creek exposed to wave action. In some areas, the erosion threatens to collapse the trail.

The County Department of Community Development received an application from the City yesterday requesting the exemption permit requirements of the County's Shoreline Master Program for the repair.

CUT # 5048 ENGLEBERTSON : The existing rip-rap has been in existence since prior to the adoption of the Shoreline Management Act. The immediate upland contains an old railroad right-of-way, which has since been improved as a portion of the Olympic Discovery Trail.

Engelbertson says without the exemption in the Critical Areas Ordinance it probably would have been sometime next winter before repairs could have been completed to the trail.



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