Promoting Smart Growth


Some of the latest "studies" and papers that are being put out there to promote Smart Growth policy.

The "stick":
On January 12, Smart Growth America, NatureServe, and the
National Wildlife Federation released Endangered by Sprawl. This report
details how the rapid consumption of land in the nation’s fastest-growing
large metropolitan areas could threaten the survival of nearly one out of
every three imperiled species.
From the Transportation Research Board: Does the Built
Environment Influence Physical Activity: Examining the Evidence? This report
reviews the broad trends affecting the relationships among physical
activity, health, transportation, and land use; summarizes what is known about
these relationships, including the strength and magnitude of any causal
connections; examines implications for policy; and recommends
priorities for future research.
The American Planning Association has created an “Affordable
Housing Reader” through the compilation of more than 100 articles and
documents related to affordable housing issues and solutions. Topics covered
range from “Regional Approaches to Affordable Housing” to “Incentive
A new paper from the Funders’ Network for Smart and Livable
Communities and PolicyLink looks at the nation’s progress in advancing
regional equity – that is, ensuring that all individuals and families
throughout a region benefit from economic growth and activity via access to
high-performing schools, good jobs, affordable housing and other
amenities. The paper sets the stage for a national summit on these issues, to
be held in Philadelphia on May 23-25. Download the paper.
This past fall, Vermont released what may be the nation's first
statewide effort to lay out an economic development strategy based on
the creative economy theories advanced most prominently by George Mason
professor Richard Florida. Advancing Vermont's Creative Economy offers
recommendations to help communities develop thriving cultural centers to
attract businesses and entrepreneurs. Produced by the Vermont Council
on Rural Development and is Available from the Vermont Arts Council.
Learning from Abroad: The European Approach to Smarter Growth and
Sustainable Development looks beyond the borders of the United States
to the promising work of the European Union (EU) and four of its member
states. Detailed case studies of the EU, the Netherlands, and the
United Kingdom are accompanied by brief case descriptions of Denmark and
Sweden that focus on progress at the municipal level.
A new guide from EPA identifies federal funding opportunities for
brownfields redevelopment. For more information, visit the Local
Government Environmental Assistance Network.

And the "carrot":

Approximately $255 million is available for competitive grants,
technical assistance, and program support for the Federal Emergency Management
Agency's Pre-Disaster mitigation Program. Deadline: March 14, but the
NC Division of Emergency Management has set a deadline of February 11.
Contact your NCEM Hazard Mitigation Project Manager for details. Visit
FEMA's website for requirements.


Urban and Community Forestry Grants are available to encourage citizen
involvement in creating and sustaining urban and community forestry
programs. Municipalities, counties, regional agencies, interest groups,
educational facilities, and private organizations are eligible to apply
for Federal matching fund projects that enhance and promote the urban
forest. Deadline is April 1.


Federal funds are available to provide grants to local units of
government and to the State to acquire and develop land for outdoor
recreation. For more information, download the Land & Water Conservation Fund
application (pdf, 38 MB) due March 31.



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