NCBA Remains Firm in Opposition to Grazing Permit Buyouts

News Release


Producer-members of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) are reaffirming their opposition to a national proposal by environmental groups to buy out grazing permits.

"The goal of these groups is to end grazing on public lands,” says Jeff Eisenberg, NCBA director of federal lands. “NCBA is dedicated to maintaining the grazing lands needed for our industry to thrive, and we oppose any efforts that harm individuals who earn their living by ranching."

Cattlemen are the original stewards of the land, having worked and depended on the land for their livelihoods for the past century. NCBA is a strong supporter of environmental stewardship and fosters this philosophy to cattlemen across the country. Nevertheless, a growing number of anti-industry groups are urging grazing permittees to accept buyout offers.

"We are deeply offended by the continuing efforts to remove cattle from the land which shows callous indifference to the people and communities that depend on responsible use of the land for their existence," says Eisenberg.

NCBA points out that rural communities benefit from public lands grazing. Grazing helps to increase the diversity and productivity of rangelands and wildlife populations, preserve “open space” and cultural tradition throughout the West, and sustain the economies of rural communities.

NCBA says it will continue to support the continuation of livestock grazing on federal lands and oppose any programs intended to permanently retire or vacate federal grazing permits. “This basic policy supports the principle of multiple use on public lands and supports public lands grazing as a integral part of our U.S. ranching industry,” says Eisenberg.



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