Attorney General Speaks to local GOP

By Lois Krafsky-Perry
Citizen Review Online

February 18, 2005

Port Angeles, WA - Port Angeles Clallam County Republicans hosted Attorney General Rob McKenna, February 18, at their Lincoln Day Dinner.

The recently elected official was the guest speaker for approximately 100 people at the annual event, which took place at the Elks' Lodge downtown Port Angeles.

McKenna lauded Abraham Lincoln and shared stories about his past. He likened his own life and values to some of the former president’s ideals.

“I think Lincoln’s struggles, through his life, made him stronger; and as President, he refused to give up our country,” said McKenna. He spoke highly of Lincoln’s respect for the U.S. Constitution and said Lincoln embodied all the principles of the Constitution.

McKenna listed areas of conviction he shares with the former president. One of those areas is to discourage litigation. “I am working to keep you and the state government out of litigation,” he said.

He spoke of the need for tort reform in state government. He believes the legislature needs to draw the line as policy makers.

Another saying of Lincoln McKenna quoted was, “Don’t be deterred for what you believe to be just.” He stated that the state lost thousands of judgments and suits this past year. He plans to change that.

McKenna discussed power. “If you want to test a man’s character, give him power,” he said. The guest speaker discussed the importance of the Public Disclosure Act and said it is important to find out for ourselves what government is up to. The withholding and shredding of public documents, which has happened in prior years, “that is not going to happen,” announced McKenna. He mentioned House Bill (HB 1133) and also a similar Senate Bill, which are now working through the legislature. “We want to strengthen disclosure,” he said.

In answer to Bob Forde’s question- how to encourage health insurance, for the state, McKenna answered, “Sell us insurance, improve regulatory reform, reduce burdens,…encourage competition.”

Dave Cummins voiced concern about many prosecuting attorney offices applying a liberal basis to the law. He asked the Attorney General about his office. “No business as usual in the lower echelons, they serve as me,” McKenna said. He stated he had asked some to leave and has put a team in place. “I want unbiased people---we are lawyers, not policy makers,” affirmed McKenna.



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