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Referendum petitions validated; issue goes back to PA council

Port Angeles, WA - 2/21/06 -

Peninsula News Network

It looks like Port Angeles residents will get the power to change things through the referendum and initiative process.

A couple of weeks ago, a group calling itself the “Concerned Citizens for Port Angeles” completed a year-long effort to collect enough signatures petitioning the city to enact the power of referendum, as allowed by state law,

Group leaders presented the city with over 4200 names. And now, the Clallam County Auditor’s office has verified that just over 3500 of those names were registered voters living in Port Angeles, enough to validate the request.

That sends the measure back to the city council to adopt the initiative process as petitioned by passing a resolution. That’s expected to happen in early March, although backers of the move were complaining it should happen as soon as next week’s council meeting. When the council passes the resolution, it starts a 90-day window where people that might oppose the move would have a chance to collect their own signatures and force the matter to vote later this year.


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