Republicans step up to the plate twice

by Lois Krafsky-Perry


Washington State Republican party will allocate 51 percent of its delegates for nomination of a presidential candidate. The other 49 percent will be based on caucus results.  Caucuses will be held February 9, in Clallam County from 1-3 PM.  Since the ballots went out, Mitt Romney has stepped aside. 

Republican leaders are reminding people to be sure to attend the caucuses. 

Clallam County Auditor Patty Rosand reported ,as of Feb 6, only 21.2 percent of county ballots had been returned.  9,218 were sent in and of those ballots, 8.45 percent cannot be counted, in that the box was not checked for party preference. There were 799 ballot not properly marked.

Be sure to attend your local caucus and also send in your primary ballot with the box checked.


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