Clallam County GOP differs on Presidential choices

February 10, 2008

By Lois Krafsky-Perry
Citizen Review

Sequim WA - County voters turned out in large numbers to voice their preference for presidential candidates.

One of the largest turnouts was Sequim, where approximately 290 people packed the Sequim middle school cafeteria.  Many attendees had to stand as they discussed platform issues and took a stand for their favorite candidate.

Scott Workman spoke on behalf of Mitt Romney although Romney had suspended his campaign the previous day. Workman said his candidate had put a lot of money and time and effort into the campaign but had stepped aside for America.

Dave Cummins of Sequim was the facilitator and led in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Sue Forde, Chair of the Republican Party also led the meeting and explained the procedures.  Lonnie Pollard read the Republican statement.

Ed Burch, a Ron Paul supporter spoke on Paul’s behalf. Burch said Dr. Paul has made an effort to stand for liberty and conservatism.  “He is a standard bearer for liberty and the Constitution,” said the Sequim Republican PCO (precinct committee officer).

“Governor Huckabee stands for the Republican platform,” said PCO Bob Forde. He told of a storm victim who had called Huckabee and told him that the only thing left standing after the tornado hit his home was a Huckabee campaign sign.

Tom Caldwell spoke for John McCain and said we need to be united.

Haroldine Nisbet also favored McCain and said the most important thing we face is Muslim insurgency.  “Don’t leave our children that kind of legacy. He is honest and please reconsider your vote,” pleaded Nisbet.

Questionnaires were discussed and the 2006 Republican Platform was available for many to view. 

Caucus attendees then voted on delegates and alternates to attend the March 8 convention, which will be held in Sequim. 

Sequim reported 32 precincts.  John McCain led with 29 votes by delegates.  Dr. Mike Huckabee followed with 20 votes. Ron Paul with 19 votes and Romney with 16.   There were 13 undecided some who listed Fred Thompson, although he bowed out of the race early.

Clallam County had 188 delegates and when the tally came in---Ron Paul led with 25.54 percent.

John McCain followed with 24.46 percent

Dr. Huckabee had 20.11 and Romney was 14.67

The undecided vote was 15.22

There were 450 total attendees in Clallam County

The final decision will not be determined until the primary votes are in from the county auditor.  The caucus determines only 49 percent of the vote, while 51 percent of the vote is by the primary ballot total.



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