In his riveting television special last Saturday night called "John Stossel Goes to Washington," the veteran ABC news journalist painted a stunning portrait of a federal government out of control, plagued by waste, corruption, unaccountability and sheer arrogance. And nowhere was the latter quality better portrayed than in Stossel's face-to-fact interview with Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt. 

After having initially agreed to be interviewed, Babbitt, sensing an uncharacteristically tough line of questioning coming from Stossel with cameras rolling changed his mind, denigrated Stossel and his documentary, threatened to fire the government staff member who had set up the interview and walked off the set. 

If you'd like to watch Babbitt's incredible encounter with a reporter actually doing his job asking tough questions click on this link to the Media Research Center:

Did you miss the ABC John Stossel special?  Now you can buy the video - and it's well worth it!  Click here...  John Stossel Goes to Washington.


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