Property rights rally to be held in support of legislators.

Poulsbo Vivian Henderson of the Kitsap Waterfront and Streamside Owners Assn. announced the rally today. "We will be rallying in support of our legislators who want to protect our property rights", Henderson said. The Dept. of Ecology (DOE) has implemented its revised shoreline rules. These new rules are very restrictive. They will result in the taking of private property, severely restrict uses, and dramatically raise property taxes for all residents.

The WA State Legislature gave DOE authority to modify the existing shoreline rules into compliance with the growth management act. DOE then proceeded to completely re-write the rules to make then compliant with the Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA). "They did not have the legislative authority to do this!" Henderson said. Not only did DOE consult with National Marine Fisheries (NMFS) to make the rules compliant with the ESA, they received over one million dollars from NMFS to do so. This was done completely in closed-door session, which is a violation of DOE policy and state law.

"Two bills have already been filed to reign in the DOE's illegal and unconstitutional re-write of the shoreline act," Henderson said. " Property owners and concerned citizens must turn out in record numbers, in support of the legislators who are defending their rights," Henderson continued.

Speakers will be Sen. Harold Hochstatter, Sen. Tim Sheldon, and Rep. Joyce Mulliken, Representative Bev Woods, Gary Strannigan (Citizens for a Sound Economy), and others. Our keynote Speaker will be James Buchal, author of The Great Salmon Hoax.


DATE: Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Time: Noon

Place: Capitol Steps, Olympia WA

Contact: Kitsap Waterfront and Streamside Owners Assn. 1-360-586-3460 or


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