City of Poulsbo endorses Charter - Wants more responsive representation, to include initiative, referendum and recall rights for the people

from Kitsap Business Journal

Kitsap County, WA - 2/1/02- A resolution passed by the Poulsbo City Council on Dec. 12, endorses the Kitsap County Charter, which will come before the voters on Feb. 5, 2002. The resolution commended the Board of Freeholders for their diligent work and excellent results. Twenty one freeholders were elected last year to draft a new charter to present to the voters of Kitsap County. When passed, it will replace the current 110 year form of government which almost everyone agrees is no longer working for the citizens of the county.

   The resolution cited the facts that the Charter offers Kitsap residents many significant features of improved government, including better, more responsive representation; separation of executive and legislative powers; the right of Initiative, Referendum and Recall; provisions for performance audits and improved fiscal policies; and non-partisan elections of all county offices (except county prosecutor), as well as other provisions to improve quality of government and civic participation in the affairs of our county.

   For more information on the Charter, visit the Committee For Better Representation website at


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