President Bush Outlines Greenhouse Gas Policy

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February 14, 2002

President Bush announced today a new policy to address reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  The president last year refused to comply with demands that the United States cut back use of fossil fuels to 1990 levels, arguing that such a policy would place severe economic hardship upon Americans.  The new policy will focus on a gradual slowing of so-called greenhouse gases, rather than the more draconian reductions called for by the International community.  Mr. Bush also voiced objections that developing nations such as China and India were exempt from the requirements of the Kyoto Protocol.  Members of the environmental lobby complained that the plan to index greenhouse gas emissions to economic output would only serve to allow the heat-trapping particles to continue to add to the problem of “global warming.”  The president’s plan focuses significantly on tax incentives to businesses, farmers and individuals to encourage the reduction of air pollutants as opposed to mandatory cutbacks of the International global warming Kyoto Protocol.   Mr. Bush said the government in 2012 would reevaluate its success in cutting greenhouse gases and consider a new, possibly tougher system.
Bush Offers Alternate Pollution Plan 

Another Study Debunks Global Warming

Global Warming fear mongers point to melting ice caps in the Antarctica as proof that the world is rapidly warming and soon islands in the Pacific will disappear under the waves.  Two new studies of temperatures and ice cap movement in that same area indicate that is not the case.  In fact, Antarctica is becoming colder.  Dr. Peter Dorman and his team of scientists have determined that since 1986, temperatures have been dropping an average of 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit per decade and similar downturns have occurred since 1978 in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of east Antarctica.  When the scientists noticed that “glacial ice wasn’t melting, streams weren’t flowing, lakes were shrinking and microorganisms were disappearing, they decided to expand their data collection and discovered that “Antarctica as a whole had gotten considerably colder."  The study seems to confirm what 17,000 scientists have previously determined; there is no “global warming.”
Guess What? Antarctica's Getting Colder, Not Warmer

Full Steam Ahead

Never mind scientific studies to the contrary, proceed full speed to implement the Kyoto Protocol, say some politicians.  Fearing their state will collapse from the effects of impending global warming, leftist California politicians are backing legislation requiring “the state Air Resources Board to adopt by January 2004, regulations that achieve the ‘maximum feasible and cost-effective reduction’ of carbon dioxide from cars and light trucks…”  Although carbon dioxide is not a threat to human health nor does it form smog and there are no scientific standards to support the proposed regulations, politicians say it is better to err on the side of caution.  Former Sacramento Mayor Phil Isenberg, now a lobbyist for the alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, exposed the folly of the bill, saying;  “There’s a grand commotion about global warming, but we’re not about to buy into a regulatory program based on whimsy.”  In Texas, a group of environmentalists are attempting to implement the Kyoto Protocol by slipping regulations into the back door.  They have petitioned the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission to consider requiring “reductions in the amounts of C02 emissions from all sources: cars, trucks, power plants, and manufacturing. The Commission’s findings prompted TNRCC Executive Director to recommend that the federal government require increased vehicle fuel efficiency along with development of hybrid vehicles and alternate fuels, among other suggestions.  The efforts to implement Kyoto continue despite a lack of scientific evidence to support its claims.
Radical Enviro Groups Push to Enact $35 Billion Energy Tax on Texas Texas Regulators Enter The Global Warming Fray...

PLF Files Suit Against San Francisco 

The Pacific Legal Foundation has taken a case on behalf of Tom and Robert Field, the two owners of a small hotel located in San Francisco.  The owners of the 95 year-old San Remo Hotel had rescued the historic building from destruction and spent over $1 million to restore it to its former Victorian charm.  Instead of showing gratitude to the brothers and other entrepreneurs for restoring the city’s nasty eyesores, San Francisco city officials enacted an ordinance requiring them to set aside a significant number of rooms for the homeless.  For example: only 27 rooms of the restored Cornell hotel could be reserved for tourists, while 31 rooms must go to the indigent.  The City allowed the hotel-owners to be released from the requirements for a small fee - $600,000 in one case and $567,000 in another.  The Field brothers paid the fee under protest, but then sued the City.   The City claimed the owners must share costs for housing those displaced by the renovations of the old hotels, but that argument seems to ignore the U.S. Constitution, as well as, the benefits the City will accrue from added revenue from tourism.  The California Supreme Court heard the case, December 6, 2001, but as of the date of this story, has not ruled.
Small Hotels: San Francisco's Scapegoats for Housing the Homeless

  Public Supports Wildlife In Word Only

A new poll conducted by Ducks Unlimited indicates the public likes wildlife, all right, but not enough to donate money on its behalf.    In fact 63 per cent could not name one organization dedicated to wildlife and natural resource conservation, while 82 per cent said they were not members of, nor had they donated to any such organization in the last two years.  Fifty seven per cent couldn’t identify any non-government organization that protects the environment.  The radical greens continue to lobby politicians with figures indicating saving the environment is the overriding concern of the American public.  Maybe it is, as long as the price is paid with other people’s money and liberties. 
Americans Interested In Wildlife But Do Not Donate

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