New Washington State audit report reveals massive waste and mismanagement

Olympia, WA - 2/7/02 - The Evergreen Freedom Foundation will hosted a press conference in the Senate Rules Room to discuss the startling findings of the State Auditorís annual report.

Among the facts revealed by the State Auditorís report:

+ The last year of the budget cycle - long before September 11th - the state spent $1.1 billion more than its actual revenue.

+ $275,121 in fraud was uncovered at state agencies in 2000-01.

+ Only 30% of the 160 agencies surveyed are complying with a 1996 law mandating that every agency have an internal audit function.

+ Individuals ineligible to receive health insurance subsidies are asking for and receiving them anyway. The Health Care Authority does not know how much it overpaid to individuals.

+ On July 2, 2001 $46,552 in checks were discovered missing from DSHS. No reason has been given and the funds have not been found.

+ The Liquor Board cannot properly account for $421 million in sales.

+ Drugs at Western State Psychiatric Hospital are missing or have been misappropriated.

+ For the 14th year in a row, money collected from ferry passengers cannot be accounted for.

Bob Williams, president of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, addressed these findings and discuss how they relate to the current budget crisis.

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