Animal Terror Organization Suspected of Cutting Brake Lines on Dozens of Delivery Trucks

U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance


The driver of a seafood delivery truck is lucky to be alive after discovering the vehicle he was operating had no brakes. Terrorists involved with the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) have taken credit for damaging the brakes and refrigeration systems on this and a fleet of other seafood delivery trucks in Chicago.

Brake lines were cut on dozens of delivery trucks owned by the Supreme Lobster and Seafood Company. In all, 48 trucks were sabotaged. The vandals wrote “ALF – No Brakes” on a bay door of a company building and The Chicago Tribune reports having received an anonymous e-mail titled “ALF Communiqué” in which ALF members claim responsibility for the damage.

According to a company official who asked not to be identified, the company first discovered the damage when a driver got into one of the trucks.

“He pulled the truck out and goes to hit the brakes, and he had no brakes,” the spokesman said. Fortunately, the truck came to a stop before it hit anything or anyone. Company officials then discovered that vandals had tampered with other trucks in the fleet as well.

Villa Park Police were notified about the situation. When they realized that ALF might be involved, they contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

“We are investigating this as a possible act of domestic terrorism,” said Ross Rice, spokesman for the FBI in Chicago.

This is not an isolated prank, but rather an act of terrorism. Malicious actions like this are being directed at individuals who use animals or consume natural resources across the country. The ALF’s sister organization, the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), claimed responsibility for an August 11, 2002 arson that caused $700,000 damage to a U.S. Forest Service research office in Irvine, Pennsylvania. According to the FBI, the ELF and ALF have caused more than $43 million in damage in more than 600 attacks since 1996.

In an effort to combat ecological and animal rights terrorism, the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance has drafted the Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act. A legislator in Texas has already introduced a bill based on this model.

For more information about this Act, contact the U. S. Sportsmen’s Alliance at

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