Comparison of Wholesale Energy Prices

The Associated Press
Published: Feb 10, 2003

A comparison of energy prices on the spot market, according to latest figures provided by the Energy Information Administration. Prices are wholesale on spot markets, except for gasoline, which is a retail national average.

Crude oil: $35.05 a barrel.

Gasoline: $1.60 a gallon.

Heating Oil: $1.20 a gallon.

Natural Gas: $6.30 per thousand cubic feet.

A month ago:

Crude oil: $32.08 a barrel.

Gasoline: $1.45 per gallon.

Heating oil: 88 cents per gallon.

Natural Gas: $5.23 per thousand cubic feet.

A year ago:

Crude oil: $21.29 a barrel

Gasoline: $1.11 a gallon.

Heating oil: 55.4 cents a gallon.

Natural gas: $2.22 per thousand cubic feet.


EDITOR'S NOTE - Crude oil is benchmark West Texas Intermediate; gasoline is a retail national average for regular unleaded; heating oil is wholesale price at New York harbor; natural gas is wholesale price at Henry Hub in Texas.

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