Governor's panel releases plan for 'sustainability'


Seattle, WA - The Legislature is requesting input from those involved in developing the Governor's Plan for a Sustainable Washington. .. Amory Lovin is in Seattle Feb 24 to discuss the potential of a "Hydrogen
corridor " with the monorail from Vancouver to Portland ..

And local press is beginning to cover the Plan and its recommendations: 2/18/03 -- Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce Panel releases plan for sustainability

OLYMPIA -- A panel on sustainability that Gov. Gary Locke appointed in September 2002 recently released its action plan, calling for the state to create a sustainable development institute.

The panel, led by Constance Rice, executive director of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation, and Bradley Smith, dean of Western Washington University's Huxley College of the Environment, said the state must make "significant changes now if we want Washington's quality of life to improve, not diminish, over the next generation."

The panel's top recommendations are: invest in clean energy, commit to greenhouse gas reduction targets, adopt "green" building standards for all state construction projects, establish goals for state government procurement of sustainable goods, align capital spending decisions to encourage sustainable development, begin to shift the
tax burden to promote sustainability, educate the public and document progress.

The panel selected 2030 as the benchmark date by which the state " achieves a new path forward in which our communities and the economy are steadily thriving and nature is no longer in peril."

To familiarize yourself and your colleagues with the Plan's recommendations you can go to the web site. .

a PDF is available upon request or it can be downloaded from the web site. thanks!

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