State Dept. of Ecology tries to 'sneak' in stormwater regs? Local councilman wonders


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(Port Angeles, WA) -- While the city of Port Angeles and Clallam County Planners are working to put together a workable storm-water disposal ordinance, it appears the state may be quietly working to make itís own stomrwater plan become part of the State Administrative Code.

Port Angeles City Councilman Larry Williams told the Council that at a recent meeting in Olympia, several revisions to the Code were being discussed, stormwater being one of them.

When costs were discussed for the State's requirements, it got Williams' attention. He says the proposal would cost a small business $40,000 per employee over a 15- year period.

Williams says for a large business, the cost would be $9,500. per employee, or nearly $2 million over that 15 year period.

Williams says it looked like the revisions were being sneaked in, and the group of realtors he was with for the meeting brought up the proposal.

Williams says at that point, several people hurried over to assured the Realtor group that it wasn't a clandestine attempt to get the stormwater manual adopted, and those costs were just an oversight.

The deadline for getting back to the State on this and inputting comment is March 7th, and Mayor Glenn Wiggins asked his staff to look into it.


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