Washington State bills in progress affecting private property - 2/11/07

House Bill 2068 (Limiting the power of eminent domain.):

Introduced by Rep. Jay Rodne on February 7, 2007, to limit the power of eminent domain be declaring that private property must be taken only for public use and no greater interest shall be taken than is necessary to accomplish the public use.  The powers of eminent domain would be exercised solely for public use, except private ways of necessity, and for drains, flumes, or ditches on or across the lands of others for agricultural, domestic, or sanitary purposes consistent with Article I, section 16 of the state Constitution.  Economic development could not be construed as public use.


Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=51220


House Bill 2071 (Regarding the management of resources in aquatic rehabilitation zone one.):

Introduced by Rep. William Eickmeyer on February 7, 2007, to designate Hood Canal as the state's first aquatic rehabilitation zone, allowing its unique challenges and features to be addressed individually.  The bill would declare that 1/2 of the fishery reserved to its nontribal residents is to be used for the conservation and rehabilitation of the overall marine ecosystem of aquatic rehabilitation zone one.


Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=51223


House Bill 2092 (Modifying the buildable lands requirements of the department of community, trade, and economic development.):

Introduced by Rep. Mark Miloscia on February 7, 2007, to modify buildable land requirements.  The bill would require the Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development to, by the end of each year, prepare a list of methods used by local governments to comply with the Growth Management Act.  The department would also have to submit a report to the Legislature, at the end of each year, an assessment of the effectiveness of the requirements imposed by the Growth Management Act.


Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=51244


House Bill 2110 (Allowing all fire protection facilities to use impact fees.):

Introduced by Rep. Geoff Simpson on February 8, 2007, To allow all fire protection facilities to use impact fees.  Impact fees are paid by land developers to help pay for increased demand and need for public facilities attributed to the new development.


Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=51444


House Bill 2115 (Creating the heritage barn preservation program.):

Introduced by Rep. Dan Newhouse on February 8, 2007, to establish a state heritage barn preservation program. The bill states historic barns are icons of Washington's heritage and pioneering spirit of industriousness. The bill creates a new program within the Department Archaeology and Historic Preservation and authorizes the Program Director, in collaboration with the Heritage Barn Preservation Advisory Board, to study the state's barns with needs assessment and other related items. See companion SB 5542.


Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=51449


House Bill 2117 (Limiting property tax increases to one percent by reenacting the provisions of Initiative Measure No. 747.):

Introduced by Rep. Christopher Hurst on February 8, 2007, to reenact and reaffirm provisions of Initiative 747.  The initiative limits regular property tax levy increases to a maximum of one percent per year.


Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=51451



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