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Dec. 2010 Stories

Workers' comp rates rising - public comment period ends on Jan. 4th, 2011

EPA takes over Texas pollution permits - Feds decide state is unwilling to do anything on greenhouse gases - Houston Chronicle

Carlsborg battle continues over GMA compliance - Sequim Gazette (outside link)

Editorial: A Tale of Two Tracts - R. W. Robinson

Judge refuses to halt Washington's minimum wage hike - NWCN

Courts, Congress hold sway in 2010 - Producers across the West closely watch as judges, politicians tackle looming issue - Capital Press

Forest Service restoration plan angers irrigators - Capital

111th Congress Added More Debt Than First 100 Congresses Combined: $10,429 Per Person in U.S. - CNS News

Christians Outraged That Apple Yanked App From Store - Newsmax

Wilderness rules restored for public lands - Yahoo News

Sustainable Communities - A Transformation of Virginia - RSN

Lynnwood business owners struggle with license fee increase - King 5 News

EPA-Texas Feud Escalates Over New Carbon Regulations - Bloomburg Business Week

Police arrest two people who wounded two teenagers on Maple Valley trail - National

The Cancun Climate Con -

Morning Bell: Why Does Religious Freedom Matter? - The Heritage Foundation

After Outcry, Feds Back Down; Banks Can Display Crosses - Second-In-Command Of Federal Reserve Calls Bank Late Thursday - KOCO News

State adopts Kittitas Co. water rule - Yakima Herald-Republic

L&I Hurts Small Businesses, Young Workers, with Decision to Raise Minimum Wage - CSB

Gold Coin Sellers Angered by New Tax Law - Amendment Slipped Into Health Care Legislation Would Track, Tax Coin and Bullion Transactions - ABC News

Studies: Fluoride in Water Linked to Lower IQ in Children - Yahoo News

Government Waste: 20 of the Craziest Things That the U.S. Government Is Spending Money On - Lew

Fort Flagler State Park project cost soars from $140,000 to $7 million - 'Gross waste of public money" - PDN (outside link)

DHS cover-up begins for Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s murder - San Diego

Pending bill studded with earmarks from Murray, Dicks - PDN (outside link)

Habitat Plan Takes Hit - Texas county opts out of region-wide Habitat Conservation Plan - American Stewards

Dicks introduces bill giving some Olympic National Park land to Quileute tribe - PDN (outside link)

Ellensburg court to hear minimum wage challenge - Daily Record

Ireland Column: Attacking the cause of the state budget cuts - PDN

Dream Amnesty Allows Obama To Grant Amnesty To All Illegals - ALIPAC News Release

U.N. Agrees on a Process to Design the Global Taxing Scheme - Final Report from Cancun - COP 16 - Sovereignty Int'l

Plan would cut number of state agencies by 12, fortify Gregoire's power - News Tribune

Silencing voices of Internet dissent - FCC's 'net neutrality' puts new Congress to the test - WA Times

Keli Carender wins Defender of Freedom award - EFFWA

Talks center on irrigation permit objections - Ranchers says permits violate property rights - Capital Press

DNR proposes 5-year moratorium on fishing on the Elwha - Commentary by Marv Chastain

Report #7 from Cancun - COP 16 - ZERO Carbon Emissions Produces Abject Poverty, Sabotages Hope - Sovereignty Int'l

Freedom Foundation urges governor to disclose financial state of the state and take action toward budget recovery - KPBJ

Report #6 from Cancun - COP 16 - U.N. Secretary Generals calls for Fundamental Transformation of the Global Economy - Sovereignty Int'l

The Dog-Biscuit Miracle - by David Bond,

Report #5 from Cancun - COP 16 - Profiting From the Global Taxing Scheme - Sovereignty Int'l

Report #4 from Cancun - Week #1 at the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change - Conference of the Parties (COP) 16 - Sovereignty Int'l

Food Safety Bill Passes - or Does It? - LMNS

Global Taxation Being Discussed at the UNFCCC COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico - Report #3 from Cancun - COP 16 - Sovereignty Int'l

State workers' pay may be cut - Budget: Republicans say they would support 2.5 percent reduction - News Tribune

“Climate Change” is Not About the Environment, but About Redistributing Wealth" - Report #2 from Cancun - COP 16 - Sovereignty Int'l

Make an Informed Decision about Conservation Easements - LMNS

Chase orders Southlake bank to remove Christmas tree - Star-Telegram



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