Lariam Investigation- A caution to check the side effects of prescription drugs

United Press International

Lariam Investigation


Since March 2002, UPI reporters Mark Benjamin and Dan Olmsted have been investigating severe mental problems associated with Lariam, a drug that has been prescribed to 5 million Americans and 25 million people worldwide.

The first article appeared on May 21, 2002 and reported that mounting evidence suggests Lariam has led to suicides. UPI obtained thousands of pages of internal drug company documents that showed it tracking increasing reports of suicide over a decade, as well as thousands of reports of severe psychiatric and neurological problems.

Subsequently, UPI has published the series of stories below, documenting cases of severe problems among scores of Peace Corps volunteers that have been denied and ignored, and focusing national attention on a string of murders and suicides at Fort Bragg involving soldiers who have taken Lariam.

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Hidden Casualties Investigations

UPI has been investigating whether vaccines given to children could be linked to autism or other health problems, and whether the anthrax and smallpox vaccines have caused illnesses among U.S. troops. Related stories include the treatment of U.S. soldiers who were injured in Iraq.

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