The Other Side of the S.E.A. - County commissioners push 'significant environmental areas' in new subdivisions

January 19, 2004

By Zada Albury Hunter
Indiatlantic, Brevard County, Florida

In Brevard County our county commissioners are considering an ordinance called S.E.A. The acronym stands for Significant Environmental Areas.

The SEAs ordinance would require any new subdivision of more than five acres, within a crucial habitat zone (so designated by the county), to preserve 50% of the land for habitat preservation. This land could only be used for passive recreation -- walking and biking trails, etc. No part of it could be used for playgrounds, ball fields, tennis courts, or the like. Furthermore, the homeowners’ association would be required to maintain it forever.

In return for being deprived of the development of half his land, the owner would be allowed to build smaller houses on smaller lots with narrower roads and less space for parking. The price of the homes would be higher, making it difficult for a young couple just starting out to afford one. I think that with the houses so close enough to each other most people would keep their windows closed at all times, which means they would have to run air conditioners or heaters constantly. What does this do for the environment? Yards would have very little space for children to play, forcing parents to transport them somewhere else (more harm to the environment), or allow them to stay indoors and become fat couch potatoes.

Some people prefer to live in this kind of community -- fine. Let it be built to suit them. But it is completely against the concept of property rights for the county to require a landowner to develop his land in this way. When I told a friend about it, her eyes got big and she said, “That’s Communism!” I said, “You got it.” And we’re getting it.

The commission will be considering the SEAs ordinance at its regular meeting, February 17, 2004 at 5:30 p.m.

Email the Brevard County Commissioners with your views about this -- and be sure to visit their website to see how thoroughly they've learned to 'pitch' this Trojan Horse to the unsuspecting public.;;;

Letter from Julie Kay Smithson:

Re: 'Significant Environmental Areas'

January 19, 2004

To: Brevard County Commissioners;;;

Brevard County Commissioners:

Having visited your website and read its contents, I am contacting you to strongly recommend that you visit my website and read verified information that runs counter to your own.

A scroll down the left side of the Home Page will show the Contents, listed alphabetically for user friendliness. My site is a Family Safe website, an educational site that exists to teach the truth.

I want to stress that your website is employing words and phrases that you may not fully understand. This should be addressed immediately, as what your site seems to be attempting to 'sell' to the public is nothing short of 'The Wildlands Project.' With proven science that the 'Florida panther' is genetically identical to Texas panthers, California cougars, etc., the photo of the parent and child could well be 'panther bait' in a 'habitat' for a touted 'endangered species' that is, in fact, NOT endangered, but which certainly endangers children, pets and parents.

Through subtle use of Aesopian Language, people have been led to believe that they must give up our planet for 'critical' -- or 'crucial' as your website calls it -- 'habitat' for every prettily named bug, bird, plant and animal that is trotted forth as the latest in vogue 'poster species.' Not stopping to consider that people have HELPED species diversity -- and that many species go extinct IN SPITE OF us, not because of us -- people are taught with words to pack and spend the rest of their lives on one 'guilt trip' after another. This is false, it is deceitful and it is WRONG. I ask that you visit my website and learn the truth about these things. Words are powerful change agents.

It is not too late to scrap this 'SEAs' proposal.

I do hope that each of you will accept my invitation to browse the 5,300+ pages of verified articles at my website.

Thank you for your time.

Julie Smithson

London, Ohio



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