Kretz appointed to essential committees during first term -New state representative has unique chance to address the issues in Eastern Washington

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Olympia, WA - During his first term in office, Seventh District State Representative Joel Kretz will have a matchless opportunity to address the issues in Eastern Washington, due to his recent committee appointments.

Representative Kretz was recently appointed to three committees: the Natural Resources, Ecology and Parks Committee; the Economic Development, Agriculture and Trade Committee and the Capital Budget Committee. Although all three committees will make decisions that directly affect Eastern Washington, the Capital Budget Committee is most notable in its long-term financial decisions.

The Capital Budget Committee approves money for the construction and repair of public buildings and other long-term investments. The Capital Budget Committee also considers legislation that authorizes state debt and legislation that affects state buildings and land.

By having these committee appointments for the next two years, Kretz said he feels he has a unique chance to address the concerns and issues facing Seventh District citizens.

“Our communities in Eastern Washington were built on the proper management of our natural resources,” said Representative Kretz. “By being appointed to these committees, I have the opportunity to present and support positive legislation that will reduce regulation and help repair our economies that have been damaged by a variety of factors, but can be helped through good decisions by the legislature.”

Kretz stressed that he cannot make positive changes alone and that the feedback, solutions and ideas from the public will be crucial to bringing vitality to Eastern Washington.

“We are all facing different, but similar, problems at home in the Seventh District. The people in our district are innovative, hard working people with great ideas and by working together we will find solutions,” said Kretz. “I look forward to citizen comments and recommendations. It is my goal to be accessible and available so the people of this district know they have a listening ear from their elected representative.”

Representative Kretz can be contacted by email at:, by phone in Olympia at 360-786-7988, at home in Wauconda at 509-779-4105, or in person in room 439 on the 4th floor of the John L. O’Brien Building in Olympia.



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