Statement from Dino Rossi


News Release from Rossi for Governor

Bellevue, WA – Dino Rossi today issued the following statement:

“With thousands of questionable ballots, improperly cast ballots, and disenfranchised voters still in question, most people believe that Washington does not have a legitimately elected governor. In King County alone, at least 1,800 votes cannot be matched to voters, and and additional 348 provisional ballots that we know of were put directly into voting machines, so we’ll never know if those votes were legal or not. In King and other counties we’ve also seen unreconciled votes, disenfranchised military voters, and a host of other problems.

“I agree with the current governor that every vote should be counted, but with an important distinction: Every legal vote should be counted, and every vote should have a voter. I don’t think that’s too high of a standard to ask for

“In our democracy, power comes from the people. But we don’t know the true will of the people because this election process has been so flawed. That’s why a clear majority of Washingtonians support a revote.

“We must restore the public’s faith in our election process. I believe the election contest we have filed, and the revote most Washingtonians want to happen, is the only way to give the people of Washington the legitimately elected governor they deserve.”



Jan. 12, 2004 (425) 646-7202

(A new statewide poll by Survey USA shows that 62% of Washingtonians support a revote.)



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