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Proposed Washington State Legislation - 2007

House Bill 1074 (Establishing the microenterprise development program.):

Introduced by Rep. Dawn Morrell on January 10, 2007, to create the Microenterprise Development Program.  The program would be run by the Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development.   In implementing the program, the department will assist with organizational support, provide funds and grants, and identify private sources of funding. This program is designed to help with job creation by enhancing access to public funds.

Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=48739

House Bill 1077 (Modifying requirements concerning the public disclosure of sensitive fish and wildlife information.):

Introduced by Rep. Brian Blake on January 10, 2007, to amend the state public disclosure law concerning fish and wildlife records.  The bill would give local governments, public utilities, colleges, and universities, access to sensitive fish and wildlife information for management or research purposes.  Property owners would have access to the fish and wildlife information pertaining to their property.  Tribal governments would also have access to the information.  See companion SB 5127.

Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=48742

House Bill 1080 (Creating the community revitalization partnership pilot program.):

Introduced by Rep. Bob Sump on January 10, 2007, to create a pilot program for community revitalization.  Economically distressed communities could apply for funding assistance to help revitalization efforts.  Projects that would qualify for funding include: building infrastructure, building affordable housing, creating new jobs, providing social, health, and youth services, providing access to arts and recreation, and providing youth leadership, educational, entrepreneurial, and workforce training opportunities.  Communities would be required to partner with a city.  To be chosen as one of the five eligible communities, a series of requirements must be met.  A progress report would be submitted to the Legislature by the program participants by January 1, 2010.

Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=48745

Senate Bill 5050 (Modifying the mileage tolling calculation in the motor vehicle lemon law.):

Introduced by Sen. Brian Weinstein on January 9, 2007, to modify the “reasonable offset” calculation for defective vehicles.  Currently an owner of a defective vehicle is entitled to a replacement, or has the right to sell the defective vehicle back to the manufacture.  A customer can recoup all costs associated with the purchase.  A customer is also entitled to a “reasonable offset.”  The offset calculation is dependent on the purchase price and miles driven by the owner.  Current law does not specify while mileage reading should be used for the offset calculation.  SB 5050 would require the offset calculation to use the mileage at the time of the initial attempt by the manufacturer to diagnose or repair the problem.

Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=48670

Senate Bill 5073 (Phasing out building permit moratoriums for cities with unprocessed water right permit applications.):

Introduced by Sen. Jim Honeyford on January 10, 2007, to lift the moratorium on building permits that have a water right application pending for more than five years with the Department of Ecology. Upon the effective date, a moratorium on building permits can no longer be issued for water right applications pending for more than five years. Upon 1 year of the effective date, the moratorium must be lifted for applications pending for more than 3 years. And upon 2 years of the effective date, the moratorium must be lifted for application pending for more than 1 year.

Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=48695

Senate Bill 5080 (Extending waste tire removal fees and the disposition of the fees.):

Introduced by Sen. Chris Marr on January 10, 2007, to make permanent, the $1 fee imposed on the purchase of new tires. The $1 fee was first implemented in 2005 and is currently set to expire in 2010. The fee is intended to fund the state Waste Tire Removal Account. .

Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=48702

Senate Joint Resolution 8205 (Relating to the constitutional provisions regarding initiatives and referendums.):

Introduced by Sen. Ken Jacobsen on January 9, 2007, to amend the state constitution removing initiative and referenda powers. This resolution, if approved by two-thirds of each chamber of the legislature and approved by the voters in the 2007 general election, would eliminate citizens’ powers of initiative and referenda.

Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=48690

Senate Concurrent Resolution 8401 (Resolving to create a state poet laureate.):

Introduced by Sen. Ken Jacobsen on January 9, 2007, to create a Washington State Poet Laureate position.  The state Poet Laureate would serve for two years and be responsible for promoting and encouraging poetry throughout the state.  A nominating committee would submit potential candidates to the Governor.  The Governor would make the appointment by March 1 of even-numbered years.

Details and Comments: http://www.washingtonvotes.org/Legislation.aspx?ID=48691


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