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The calm before the storm

Opinion by Cindy Honcoop
State Director for Washington Eagle Forum


While many are still cleaning up after recent winter storms another Northwest storm is brewing and about to hit. Democrats, who won super majority status in the November election, have been busy developing an aggressive agenda for this legislative session. You were on their minds when they planned their agenda and you will soon see the results, or should I say the “assaults”.

“Why was I on their minds?” you ask. Well, do you work? Do you budget your paycheck to make ends meet? Do you have a family you work hard to support? Do you pay taxes, own a home or a business? Do you save a little and hope to retire some day?

Yes, you are the ones who will bear the brunt of this storm and feel its damaging impact on your paycheck and your family. Every law introduced and passed by the sheer force of Democrat control will have a price tag of some kind.

There will be a monetary price. Government can only spend what it takes from its citizens, so you will personally finance every law they pass. Last year, even with the restraint of an almost even number of Republicans to Democrats in the Senate, hundreds of bills were passed and the price tag was a heavy one.

Then there are the moral costs of legislation. How do you feel about life, marriage, and other value-voter issues? Everything you care about is on the table – the Democrat table, that is.

Meanwhile government employees, unions and teachers will enjoy a distinct advantage not afforded you. They will fare well benefiting from the powerful advocacy of their numerous well paid, full time lobbyists. Watch closely and see just how carefully their financial and moral interest will be guarded and advanced by this new Democrat majority.

So who will speak for you in Olympia? Who will advocate and protect your interests? That job falls to you, and it is one you must not ignore especially this legislative session. It is your right and responsibility to both monitor and participate in the process of self government. Your front line of defense is your own vigilance.

You can keep watch on this legislative session at www.wavotes.org. It is a comprehensive, yet user-friendly, non-partisan web site which allows you to simply type in a key word to pull up every bill introduced on that topic, or you can enter your legislator’s names and observe what they are working on.

May I also suggest communicating with your legislators? It is a simple, painless process, yet a timely phone call can reap significant results. Legislators who know their votes are being watched by their constituents tend to think a bit more about their votes. You do carry weight if they hear from you. The legislative hotline number is 1-800-562-6000.

Severe storm warnings for Washington State begin this week. Strong winds of change and icy moral slopes are ahead. Monitor this storm carefully for there is so much at stake.

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Cindy Honcoop volunteers as the State Director of Washington Eagle Forum, a conservative grassroots organization of citizens participating in the process of self government to defend faith, family and freedom. You can contact her at cindy@waeagles.com or by calling 360.354.8505

Washington Eagle Forum is a conservative organization working in our state to influence public policy on pro-family issues by informing and equipping citizens to take action. You can contact Washington Eagle Forum at waeagles@juno.com .



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