Power: Deregulation is not the problem: regulation is the problem

To the editor:

California created an energy crisis by de-regulating wholesale markets for electricity while keeping price controls on the retail side of the equation. This while closing plants, reducing supply! No surprise that such ignorance of basic economic principles would emanate from a state famous for electing officials who so warmly embrace socialist principles.

Governor Grey Davisí solution would be to "nationalize" the power industry, as this form of organization is called in banana belt republics. In other words, give total control to folks who have a demonstrated record of incompetence and failure. Never mind the colossal failure of government administrated industries over and over throughout the world in place and time.

Perhaps now would be a good time for the voters of California to sit in the dark, say om inwardly, and contemplate the consequences to a people who select leaders that advocate flawed philosophies.

Steve Marble, Sequim, WA

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