BLM Set For An Illegal Raid of Dann Sister’s Private Horses While Letting
Wild Horse Numbers Run Wild

January 14, 2002

Nevada Livestock Assn.
Press Release

The Nevada Live Stock Association (NLSA), a group of ranchers
championing the interests of live stock producers throughout Nevada, has
been concerned by the impending Bureau of Land Management (BLM) raid on Mary
and Carrie Danns’ cattle and horses in Pine Valley and Crescent Valley,
Nevada. A roundup has been threatened by the BLM since before Christmas

The Nevada Live Stock Association has drawn a line in the sand
against BLM impoundment and sale of anyone’s live stock in Nevada without a
court order and due process of law. Nevada brand law has been violated.
“If due process is met and an order is given then it is the duty of the
sheriff through his police power to conduct the impoundment,” said Ramona
Morrison, NLSA Secretary.

Carrie Dann in a phone interview from Crescent Valley, Nevada,
stated that, “The Nevada State Department of Agriculture, Brand Inspection
Division, is and has been in cahoots with the BLM. The state sold some
branded horses as strays in the past. A brand doesn’t mean anything to them
as long as the horses belong to Mary and me. This fall when our cattle were
stolen the Nevada Brand Division, in cooperation with BLM sanctified the
theft of our cattle by concealing the name of the buyer of the stolen
cattle.” According to the Danns, they have for the last few months
attempted to hire contractors to help gather the horses and it has been
impossible. “The price of the helicopter pilots alone is $100 per head,”
says Carrie Dann. Dann declared that the horse market is very poor at this
time and she is considering quitting the horse business.

If any horses are gathered by BLM the Nevada Brand Department
has stated it will inspect these horses at the time of impoundment and will
take control of all of the unbranded live stock at that time; which is
estimated to be several hundred head. The brand department is attempting to
sell the Dann’s horses for $50 per head to 501c nonprofit, horse groups,
across the country.

The Nevada Brand Department must hold the horses for 11 days
under Nevada Brand Law. The Danns own branded and unbranded horses in the
two valleys.

Jackie Holmgren, NLSA director from Mineral County, said that,
“The Danns have been trying to reduce their horse herd, but because BLM
basically controls the price awarded for horse gathers, which is reported to
be over a $1000 per head, there is no one who will gather for less. These
horses are worth approximately $150 per head. The BLM has let their own
wild horse numbers escalate dramatically in spite of the severe drought in
Nevada and elsewhere and they have created a down turn in the entire western
horse market,” stated Jackie Holmgren.

“The present system of BLM mustanging makes the old cowboy and
Indian way look good. These horses are privately owned, so let the cowboys
and Indians handle the problem,” said David Holmgren, NLSA Vice-Chairman.

For more information, please contact: David Holmgren 775-530-5313, Ramona
Morrison at 775-424-0570 and the Western Shoshone Defense Council
775-468-0230. Email:


9732 STATE ROUTE 445 #305


775 530 5313 or 775 424 0570


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