Former U.S. Rep. Linda Smith of Washington State helps in women and children rescue

Washington State - 1/29/03 -Have you ever been asked what happened to Linda Smith? Here is your chance to find out.

Former Congresswoman Linda Smith and her work with Shared Hope International rescuing women and children kidnapped or sold into slavery in brothels will be featured for the next 2 days on the Focus on the Family radio broadcast with Dr. James Dobson. If you have wondered what Linda has been doing since she left Congress, this is a great opportunity to hear about her work. I Guarantee you that you wont be able listen to the program without being moved. Dr. Dobson originally only scheduled a normal one day program but after he started interviewing her, he was so moved by the subject that he decided to devote 2 days to the issue and he and Shirley personally became supporters of the work of Shared Hope International. I hope you will find time to tune in and listen to the broadcast on the Christian station in your area. Please pass this on to other friends that would be interested.

You can reach Linda at

Shared Hope International
PO Box 65337
Vancouver WA 98665
(360) 693-8100


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