Habersham Heroes- Habersham County throws out land regulations

January 8, 2003

By Julie Kay Smithson

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The display of moxie that Haversham County's Commissioners used in making all
land use regulations 'go extinct' has had a profound effect on all those that
cherish land/water use and private property -- in all fifty states. Georgia
should honor these three native sons -- her American heritage is intact so
long as Jerry Tanksley, Dennis Fish and Dewey Tench stay active in her
affairs, keeping government on the short leash that it belongs.

This courageous action could not have come at a more opportune time -- just
when we've all been 'up against it' and are on the brink of seeing America's
resource use and her resource providers 'go extinct' due to land/water use

May Jerry Tanksley, Dennis Fish and Chairman Dewey Tench hear from many, many
proud and relieved citizens -- they have 'earned their wings,' to borrow from
the Jimmy Stewart movie, It's A Wonderful Life.

May Greg Popham and Doug Vermilya, upon reflection, see that their votes
again the resolution were essentially votes against their own ability to use
their homes and land.

What a fine combination Christmas present and New Year's Resolution you've
given us -- one that we can take to our own County Commissioners and proclaim
with joy, "FOLLOW SUIT!"

=====The Inspiration for my Letter

Habersham County throws out land regulations

December 17, 2002

From staff reports

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CLARKESVILLE, Georgia - Habersham County residents were learning Tuesday that
their county commission did away with land use regulations. The commission
took action Monday night after an unexpected motion.

Outgoing commissioner Jerry Tanksley made the motion to do away with land use
regulations, the planning commission and county building inspections saying
he'd make it in the form of a motion if someone would second it.

Tanksley was surprised when commissioner Dennis Fish seconded the motion.

After long discussions and even arguments, not only with those in the
audience, but among the commissioners themselves, the vote was taken.
Tanksley, Fish and Chairman Dewey Tench voted to do away with land use items,
while commissioners Greg Popham and Doug Vermilya voting against it.

Tanksley said after the meeting that the move came from frustration over
reports of new state land use regulations that the counties had no say in,
but also said he didn't expect a second when he made the motion.

All county employees who worked with land use items are still employed, doing
other related duties.

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