The passing of a hero: Dick Carver, Rest In Peace - True Warrior of the Sagebrush Rebellion

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(We say) the federal government has to prove they own the land. And they canít do it."

Richard "Dick" Carver

Nye County, Nevada - Well known Nye county commissioner Dick Carver has died at the age of 58 from complications of a stroke suffered last year. Having served as Nye County Commissioner for the last 13 years, he had been unable to continue as commissioner after December 31, 2002.

Born in Tonopah, he spent most of his life as a rancher and farmer in the Smoky Valley. He leaves his wife Midge, six grown children, 10 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Carver is a legendary figure of the Sagebrush Rebellion. He is best known for his tall white cowboy hat and a copy of the Constitution in his shirt pocket wherever he went.

His fame came when Nye County had petitioned the Forest Service to reopen a former stagecoach trail, known as the Jefferson Canyon Road, that linked Carver's Big Smoky Valley with Hage's Monitor Valley. The Forest Service said an archaeological survey would first need to be done, but Carver wanted to open the road right away. RS 2477 is a controversial law that deeds county roads built before the mid 1970's to the county - even if they are on federal land. Using the federal R.S. 2477 road rule as his legal weapon, Carver won that battle.

Since then, Carver had been a speaker, consultant and at the forefront of many western land issues, including the Wayne Hage standoff, Jarbidge Canyon Road, and Klamath Falls.

A memorial celebration is being scheduled for Friday January 17 in
Round Mountain, Nevada.

Let us keep the Carver family in our prayers.


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