Washington State Legislature - Standing Committee Assignments


Olympia, WA

(5) -- Swecker, Chair; Brandland, Vice Chair; *Rasmussen; Jacobsen; Sheahan

Children & Family Services & Corrections (7) -- Stevens, Chair; Parlette, Vice Chair; *Hargrove; Carlson; Deccio; McAuliffe; Regala

Commerce & Trade (5) -- Honeyford, Chair; Hewitt, Vice Chair; *Keiser; Franklin; Mulliken

Economic Development (7) -- Sheldon, T., Chair; Zarelli, Vice Chair; *Shin; Benton; Rossi; Schmidt; Sheldon, B.

Education (8) -- Johnson, Chair; Zarelli, Vice Chair; *McAuliffe; Carlson; Eide; Finkbeiner; Rasmussen; Schmidt

Financial Services, Insurance & Housing (7) -- Benton, Chair; Winsley, Vice Chair; *Prentice; Keiser; Reardon; Roach; Zarelli

Government Operations & Elections (7) -- Roach, Chair; Stevens, Vice Chair; *Kastama; Fairley; Horn; McCaslin; Reardon

Health & Long-Term Care (7) -- Deccio, Chair; Winsley, Vice Chair; *Thibaudeau; Brandland; Franklin; Keiser; Parlette

Higher Education (7) -- Carlson, Chair; Schmidt, Vice Chair; *Kohl-Welles; Horn; Mulliken; Sheldon, B.; Shin

Highways & Transportation (12) -- Horn, Chair; Benton, Vice Chair; Swecker, Vice Chair; *Haugen; **Jacobsen; Esser; Finkbeiner; Kastama; Mulliken; Oke; Prentice; Spanel

Judiciary (9) -- McCaslin, Chair; Esser, Vice Chair; *Kline; Brandland; Hargrove; Haugen; Johnson; Roach; Thibaudeau

Land Use & Planning (5) -- Mulliken, Chair; Sheldon, T., Vice Chair; Kline; McCaslin; Morton

Natural Resources, Energy & Water (9) -- Morton, Chair; Hewitt, Vice Chair; *Fraser; Doumit; Hale; Hargrove; Honeyford; Oke; Regala

Parks, Fish & Wildlife (8) -- Oke, Chair; Sheahan, Vice Chair; *Doumit; Esser; Jacobsen; Morton; Spanel; Swecker

Rules (19) Owen#, Chair; *Brown; Benton; Deccio; Eide; Finkbeiner; Franklin; Hale; Haugen; Hewitt; Honeyford; Parlette; Rasmussen; Sheahan; Sheldon, B.; Spanel; West; Winsley; Zarelli

Technology & Communications (7) -- Esser, Chair; Finkbeiner, Vice Chair; *Reardon; Eide; Poulsen; Schmidt; Stevens

Ways & Means (17) -- Rossi, Chair; Hewitt, Vice Chair; Zarelli, Vice Chair, Capital Budget Chair; *Fairley; ***Poulsen; Brown; Fraser; Hale; Honeyford; Johnson; Kohl-Welles; Parlette; Regala; Roach; Sheahan; Sheldon, B.; Winsley


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