Republicans host BIAW speaker

By Lois Krafsky-Perry
Citizen Review    

July 14, 2007

Port Angeles, WA - Local GOP members and friends gathered July 12, at Joshua’s Restaurant, in Port Angeles.  Clallam County Republican Treasurer Kaj Ahlburg of Port Angeles introduced Tim Harris, attorney for Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW).

Harris explained to the 25 attendees a variety of  BIAW’s concerns. Some of the issues discussed were: Property rights, Voter fraud, State Supreme Court, upcoming elections, Strormwater regulations. Heat stress rules, and the Growth Management Act (GMA) and many of its repercussions, such as critical areas ordinances.

Harris discussed a property rights issue in Blaine, which has to do with a retaining wall.  The 4 foot retaining wall, is ten feet from the international border.  The local residents have been inundated with demands on their property. Dennis Schornack, while representing the international boundary commission made several demands on the couple and threatened “or else” fines.  Harris at BIAW became involved and asked Pacific Legal Foundation to also help the couple from Hawaii, who had built their dream home in Blaine. The two organizations contacted Representative Rick Larson to also help.

President Bush recently became involved in the matter and fired Schornack, as a U.S. Commissioner to the International Boundary Commission, who is also a member of the International Joint Commission.  “Thank God for President Bush,” declared Harris.

“Believe it not there is actually voter fraud going on,” announced Harris.  He referred to the 2004 close election where Governor Christine Gregoire won by 129-133 votes.  “She actually lost--- probably by several thousand,” he surmised.

He described a union backed organization, in Pierce County named ACORN. (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).
In 2006 and perhaps 2004, as well, they submitted several thousand of registrations on the last possible day. It overwhelmed the election process.  KING County looked at it but Pierce County put it in the database. Pat McCarthy entered the approximate 1,000 in the database.  Over 100 were registered at an address for the homeless shelter, where people can only stay 30 days. BIAW requested the public records, through the public disclosure act, to Pat McCarthy, who had entered the names.  She sent a few documents and later it was reported that there were emails and she/they had deleted them. “What they are doing is actually a crime---destroying public records is a crime under the public disclosure act,” he said. Harris determined that she had let elections be swayed and “unlawfully”, he affirmed.

Pierce County Prosecutor is also not looking into ACORN’s resources.
“To me there is nothing more important government because that is the will of the people,” said Harris. He said the prosecutor then sued BIAW because he said it was a frivolous lawsuit. “You’ve got to be kidding, you admit that you delete documents then you sue us for a filing a frivolous lawsuit and then say you don’t have the resources to prosecute the criminals or try to find out about it in the first place,” determined Harris.

Ahlburg reported that he had been an observer in KING county during the elections and noticed many duplicated ballots.

Harris discussed the upcoming elections and the importance of next year’s elections.  He mentioned that he hopes Dino Rossi would run for Governor and also mentioned Attorney General Rob McKenna, who will be running as an incumbent.

The BIAW attorney expressed his disappointment with the state Supreme Court in many decisions.   


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