Clallam County, WA - 7/1/01

I am simply appalled at the newest proposed changes to the already oppressive Critical Areas Code.

When are our elected officials going to stand up to the unelected, unaccountable few who are suggesting these rules and quit giving our God-given rights away?

This entire code is absolutely ludicrous. What happened to fact-based decisions?

What happened to representation of the people? The people unanimously objected to this endeavor of yours from the beginning.

What happened to common sense, folks?

I can understand some education as to how to best preserve the land, but this code is just plain nonsense.

It is pilfering of private property and a way for the government to have even more control over us and what we do.

I oppose this proposed amendment, as it is just another attempt to take away the right of citizens of this county and their land.

I hope that this county’s elected officials will use logic and see the disastrous consequences of this code and repeal the whole thing and start over.

Toni M. Lyckman

Sequim, WA


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