Action Alert from American Land Rights Association: Enviros launch attack in Congress on Klamath farmers - you are needed to
help out!

from American Land Rights Association

7/16/02 - Leftwing extremist Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), joined by the
Wilderness Society and other anti-people enviro-land grabbers, has filed an
amendment to the Interior Department appropriations bill to end farming
leases on federal lands in the Klamath Basin.

The amendment is expected to be voted on THIS WEEK, on Wednesday,
Thursday or Friday July 17, 18, or 19.

Property Rights Champions Representatives Wally Herger (R-CA) and Greg
Walden (R-OR) are leading the way in fighting against this attack on
longstanding leases that are beneficial to both people and wildlife.

The agricultural production from these leases helps BOTH people and
migrating birds. Here is a description - thanks to Deb Crisp, Barb Hall and
John Crawford of the Tulelake Growers Association and People for the USA for
this important information.

The Blumenauer amendment is an attempt to eliminate the Lease Land Farm
Program as established by the 1964 Kuchel Act. These farmlands are
essential to the local economy and provide tremendous wildlife benefits,
especially food and habitat for migrating waterfowl.

*****Lease farmers on the Tulelake Refuge have to leave 1/4 of their crops
unharvested for the wildlife.*****

*****Same thing on the Lower Klamath Lake Refuge except the farmers there
have to leave a THIRD of their crops unharvested and in the fields for the

1. Cereal grain production is required on seventy five percent of the refuge
lease lands. This requirement directly benefits waterfowl. The land itself
benefits from an effective crop rotation program that continually improves
the fertility of the soil.

2. The crop rotation program maximizes cereal grain residues for consumption
by waterfowl. These crops are soil building crops.

3. Competition among producers of row crops on the lease lands is the only
vehicle that can possibly maximize lease revenues as required by the Kuchel
Act. In addition, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is utilizing considerable
revenue generated by the Lease Land Farm Program for a number of
environmental purposes. This will be discontinued if water is withdrawn from
the Tule Lake lease lands.

The State of California has the most stringent pesticide rules and
regulations in the nation. Ninety percent of the registered pesticides used
in California are disallowed on the lease lands in accordance with the
Integrated Pest Management Plan for Leased Lands at Lower Klamath and
Tulelake National Wildlife Refuges Oregon/California. The leases are
beneficial to people, the economy and wildlife.

Congressman Blumenauer doesn't care if the farming leases are a win-win for
people and wildlife. He is just one of many enviros who wants to force
people out of rural areas and into cities, fulfilling plans laid out by the
anti-people Wildlands Project.

Blumenauer represents the HEART of the environmental movement - NOT
pro-environment, just anti-people. Specifically, anti- any people who are
different than him - who are anything except urban leftwing extremists.
Blumenauer represents Portland, Oregon in Congress, so his actions are a
direct attack on fellow Oregonians.


CALL NOW!!! Get your friends to call.

Contact your member of the House of Representatives immediately. The vote
could come Wednesday, but it is more likely to be Thursday or Friday.
Tell your Congressman or his staff to vote NO on the Blumenauer Klamath
Basin anti-farming amendment.

You may call any Congressman at the Capitol Switchboard -- (202) 224-3121
or the temporary FREE NUMBER (800) 648-3516.


Representative Mac Thornberry of Texas was accidentally left off the list of
Resources Committee members who voted YES in favor of amending the
Endangered Species Act to require strong scientific data in order to list a

Thornberry is one of the very best Champions we have in Congress - Thank You
Congressman for supporting private property rights and the common sense
multiple use of public lands!

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