Clallam County: Sales tax hike heads to ballot; "pockets of beauty" slated for Port Angeles; Roadless rules press forward

KONP Radio - 7/16/02

(Port Angeles) -- A proposal to raise more than 650-thousand dollars a year to run the county's jail and juvenile detention center looks like it will head to the ballot. County commissioners this week took up the idea. It would add another one tenth of one percent to the local sales tax. County officials say the proposal will most likely go on the the September primary ballot. The county is looking for ways to plug hundreds of thousands of dollars in shortfalls after the state pulled the plug on money that normally goes to criminal justice.

(Port Angeles) -- Local government and civic leaders have launched an beautification initiative for Port Angeles, especially the eastern entrance to the city Outlined as a public-private partnership, the initiative includes 13 ideas to spiff up the area. Mayor Glenn Wiggins says he's on board. Wiggins says Port Angeles is moving ahead with improvements in the look of its downtown. Wiggins was part of a group presenting the idea to the Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce this week. The initiative calls for energizing the chamber's Beautification Committee. It also looks to change the city's comprehensive plan and put together awards and incentives for property owners that clean up their businesses and yards. The program also looks to establish "pockets of beauty" as high profile special locations. The county and city hope to work together along with the private sector to put the vision in place.

(Washington) -- Congressman Jay Inslee says he'll bring the roadless rule for national forests to the House floor. He says he'll try to make it an amendment today to a spending bill. Inslee and other advocates say Republicans who have held the bill up in committee. Inslee is one of 160 co-sponsors of legislation that would enact the Clinton administration roadless conservation rule into law. It would prohibit road building and logging on 48 (m) million acres of national forest land. Two million acres in Washington would be off limits to logging. Inslee says the rule must be put into law so it doesn't change with administrations.

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