Guilt for Sale - Our fault, say the change agents

June 26, 2002

Chad Hanson, a "John Muir Sierran," is a master of Aesopian Language --
language in code. Carl Pope, Sierra Club "Executive Director," said that
blaming the Western fires on 'environmentalists' is a "disturbing display of
cynical politics." Both are well-paid to spew their language reengineering.
Every mundane Public Citizen who buys into their "sales pitch" that humans
have done everything WRONG on Planet Earth, makes their own lives ever more
in contrast to ours. Their opulent homes, far from the madding crowd, become
that much more distanced from those they strive to displace. They tout 'high
density housing' also known as 'smart growth,' as the only way Mother Earth
can ever hope to recover the damage done by all the bad, bad humans.

Neither of these individuals nor their counterparts who issue directives
within the DC Beltway, can rightfully claim the title of environmentalist. 
Although they would vehemently deny it, both are skilled professional
lobbyists and change agents. Their jobs are NOT to protect endangered flora
and fauna -- witness the lack of concern as the plants and animals of
Colorado and Arizona are incinerated by the billions -- but rather to make us
think that, somehow, it's all OUR fault.

Our remaining industry and our cars are cleaner than ever before, our farmers
and ranchers using up to two hundred years of experience to coexist with
wildlife and nature better than ever, and yet we're expected to pack for a
guilt trip? Sorry, fellows, we're not buying!

Miss Julie Kay Smithson, property rights researcher
213 Thorn Locust Lane
London, OH  43140-8844
Dedicated to property rights, resource providers, generational land stewards,
consumers and freedom.

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