Assisted living residents seek new homes - Forced to move because judge refused to extend compliance time for facility



LYNNWOOD, Wash. – Friday was moving day for dozens of elderly residents forced out of their Lynnwood assisted living home.

The state says Alderwood Assisted Living isn’t safe, but residents are more than reluctant to leave and some folks say moving may do more harm than good.

For many of the residents, the move won’t be easy.

The residents are upset that they are forced to move.
More than 50 elderly residents are scrambling to find a new place to live by Sunday. They are forced to leave because a judge refused to extend the amount of time the facility had to comply with Department of Social and Health Services demands.

On Friday, some of the seniors boarded a bus to visit a nearby Mill Creek home that has some openings.

It was a tough crowd for DSHS administrator McClintock when he spoke Thursday night with the residents at Alderwood Assisted Living Center to explain why DSHS is moving them.

He said it’s a concern for their safety.

“This building was not sprinkled and it’s not safe for the residents who've been admitted,” said Bob McClintock, DSHS.

The residents reacted with sadness at the DSHS announcement Thursday.
But the crowd wasn’t buying it.

They are angry their protests and picketing the past few weeks have been overlooked and that they are now going to be moved somewhere else against their will.

“I’m devastated. I guess it’s big brother again running our nation,” said resident Eric Clayough.

A judge’s ruling Thursday allows DSHS to move residents immediately. It is expected all will be relocated within a week.

The building’s owner claims with years of inspections behind him he never realized that sprinklers are truly necessary for this group of residents.

Residents have no guarantees they will be allowed to remain near their families or even in the county.

Friday, the reality started to sink in for everyone involved. But the time for debate or compromise has passed and the seniors will have to abide by the decisions made by others.


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