Forks City Council approves 9-1-1 tax

July 22, 2003

by Kyle Hjelmeseth
Forks Forum

Forks, WA - The business of puppies and kittens has come back to Forks. Actually, if you’re missing a puppy, kitten, llama, or any other stray animal there’s a good chance that Dandelion Dog Rescue has found it and it’s waiting at the shortly to be reopened animal shelter south of town.

City Planner Rod Fleck and Chief Mike Powell, I would say, were ecstatic if nothing else that the animal shelter contract was approved this past Monday at the city council meeting. Dandelion Dog Rescue is taking over all previous activities at the old shelter and hopefully as the fine print is worked out, will be open within the month. Dandelion is also mulling over a possible name change to The Rainforest Humane Society of Forks and is currently working with the city to develop sound rescue policies.

Powell reported also that because of some contract issues with the old gym in Forks, the gym and the City of Forks will be jointly selling off used exercise equipment to interested buyers. Now would be a great time to build your own home workout center.

The biggest issue of the night was a possible one-tenth of one-percent sales tax increase that could be on the November ballot. The city council voted and approved this issue to go to public hearing on August 11. The one-tenth of one-percent tax would go to support the emergency communication centers that take care of 911 calls. The service provided by the communication centers is an invaluable resource that I can fairly confidently say that most people have used at least once in their lives. Currently tax-payer’s money that goes towards 911 only goes to pay the phone company for its role in relaying calls and providing the lines themselves. This small tax would go to training personnel and insuring adequate and responsible service is available to all citizens. One hundred percent of the revenue will go towards fulfilling local needs, which makes the tax, in my eyes, a small price to pay for the life saving number we’ve been taught since we were old enough to talk.
You can find out about, and take part in, all the important city issues every second and fourth Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at city hall.


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