Hillary's Village Comes to Oregon

By Rodney Stubbs
July 10, 2003

If “all politics are local” then when are the people going to start to demand of the elected officials that certain public policies are unacceptable? You may think these policies apply to the family on the other side of town. You know, the butter balls that shop the “chip aisles” and “soda alleys” at BiMart and WinCo.

No these policies apply to you regardless of your income, status in life, or political party.

How did we get here? You can thank the Progressive Liberal Democrats and specifically the Republicans In Name Only (RINO) for these intrusions into our private life. The Educational Unions are also the prime movers of these policies as they attempt to grab more and more control over the budgets of state and local government at the risk of everything else including your household budget regardless of your age. Who do these policies apply toward? Are you a parent? Can you answer “yes” to any of the following questions:

* Are you Single?

* Are you a step mother or step father to children living in your home?

* Do both you and your spouse work?

*Are you part of a dual career family?

* Is English a second language in your family?

* Are you or your spouse a member of the military?

* Are you migrant workers who move from area to area following crop rotations?

* Are your children frequently absent from school?

* Do you have a disruptive family environment resulting from chemical abuse or a prison parent?

* Are you a family with handicapped children?

* Are you a member of any Minority group?

* As a parent are you classified as an adolescent?

If the answer is “yes” then you or if your older and are now a grandparent, your children’s children are a potential “target” and their children are “at risk” or can be subject to government intervention. Once the process starts, there is no way for a family to escape intervention if the State wills it based on the criteria listed above.

House Bill 3565, Section 4 (c)(2) defines the extent of the involvement that schools play in the intervention process. The law asserts, “Services’ mean education and all other programs and services addressing one or more of a child’s six basic needs: nutrition, stimulus, health, safety, nurturance, and shelter.” So what can this mean?

It means, the reformed education system is now ready to take over the complete role of the family, when the state deems the family incapable of serving or is unresponsive to school demands.

HB 3565 Section 21 (4) stipulates, “If, at any point, a student is not making satisfactory progress toward attainment of the standard at grades 3, 5, 8, and 10, including the Certificates of Initial Mastery and Advanced Mastery, the school district shall make additional services available to the student, including (d) Family evaluation and social services, as appropriate.”

If you don’t like government intervention, and you prefer freedom from government oppression, then you need to take action. Simply write your Oregon Representative or Senator and tell them you oppose the bill. First, get your facts straight; Second, arm yourself with pencil and paper; Third, fire a round over the bow of your State Elected Officials, before the State intervenes into your private family affairs. To make this simple I have provided you with a simple way to access your elected officials at the website listed at the end of this article. Click on their e-mail address and fire!!!

Outcome Based Education takes another step toward the destruction of family and family values. Thanks to William J. Bonville who addressed these issues and provides a complete report at the following website:

Become Informed:

http://home.cdsnet.net/~bonville/Education/Facts AboutOBE.html#WHAT%20THE%20OBE% 20LAWS%20DO

Take Action:

Contact your elected official through the addresses provided at:


© 2003 Rodney Stubbs - All Rights Reserved
Rodney R. Stubbs first began to suspect there was something wrong with the environmental and land use movement while doing research for Floyd and Margaret Iverson when Marion County forced the Iverson’s to close their Blueberry Café in January 2000. Having a degree in Natural Resources and working closely with area farmers in Oregon’s mid Willamette Valley Mr. Stubbs helped establish farm use zones for mitigating property taxes and knew instinctively that Marion County was wrong in forcing the closure of the Farm Market.

With experience in Oregon’s complicated land use processes, Mr. Stubbs determined that Marion County conducted themselves in a wrongful manner and so testified as an expert witness in the Iverson case now before the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Studying and working closely with Dr. Michael Coffman, Henry Lamb, and Bill Moshofsky. Mr. Stubbs is helping to expose the activities of state, county and local governments as non-governmental organizations involved in the environmental movement attempt to abdicate the rights of Americans to the corrupt powers of foreign Nations. E-Mail: rodney@stubbs.com


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