July 2003

"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."
-- Ronald Reagan



Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare,
but only those specifically enumerated."
-- Thomas Jefferson


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June 2003

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Thoughts for the day:

It is irresponsible for [The Department of the Interior] to keep buying more land. We already own one out of every five acres in the country. Before the government buys more land, it must learn to take care of what it already controls.

-Secretary Gale A. Norton, U.S. Department of the Interior


"After working with this law (the Endangered Species Act) during my 22 years in Congress, I've concluded it's the most powerful law in the land. It can be used to thwart everything from the training of our fighter pilots to the farmer's simple desire to plant a crop in his field so he can feed his family."

House Resources Committee Chairman James V. Hansen discussing a bill to restore the original intent of the ESA [Endangered Species Act]


"There is a deliberate and quite outspoken attack on the whole idea of people owning private property. Mr. William Reiley, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, has said publicly on a number of occasions that he does not believe that people should have the right to own private property. To use his words, "The ownership of private property is a quaint anachronism." He has called for a repeal of the fifth amendment as it affects the right of private property. There are two laws that have been passed by the Congress that are being used to take property away from people. one is the Endangered Species Act, and the other one happens to be the Clean Water Act. The Clean Water Act has a section, 404, which allows the Corps of Engineers to regulate the water that is navigable. By a series of very twisted definitions, the Corps has adopted the idea, which the Fish and Wildlife and EPA are also following, that any body of water, or any moist land, anything that they can call "wetland" constitutes navigable water." -Dixie Lee Ray, scientist, recipient of the United Nations Peace Prize - 1992

"According to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, simply limiting 'unreasonable' jury awards could cut health care costs by five to nine percent, saving $70 - $126 billion each year and allowing an additional 2.4 - 4.3 million Americans to obtain medical insurance." - May 6, 2003 press release of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, as cited by

July 31, 2003

The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy - U.N. looks at taxing gun purchases by individuals by Larry Pratt for News with Views

Sorry, No Global Warming Catastrophe Looming - LMNS

Nation's Leading Global Warming Experts Unveil New Findings on Climate Change - Groundbreaking new research shows political influence at EPA - The Independent Institute

Klamath Irrigators Win Appeal - - Judicial opinion reverses expanded rights of Tribes - LMNS

Federal Judge Finds EPA in Comtempt - LMNS

July 30, 2003

Chinook have another good run - Experts credit good conditions in ocean for 15-fold boost in salmon for last 2 years - Spokesman-Review

Government to Offer Amtrak Reform Plan -AP

Range revival - South Dakota, other states recruit dairy farmers from Europe - The Missoulian

The Nature Conservancy Purchases 417 Acres of 'Vital' Grasslands in San Diego County- Wildlife Corridor and Habitat for Rare and Endangered Species Now 'Protected' -TNC release

Homelessness growing on the Eastside -King 5 News

More than 100 debate salamander protections - Developers, environmentalists make cases at U.S. Fish and Wildlife meeting -Press Democrat

People are still moving here, but we're having fewer children - The slowing growth might allow for improved planning, an environmental group says - Bremerton Sun

July 29, 2003

Enviro groups contend forest rules contradict Montana judge's order - The Missoulian

New conservation program may debut soon - Soil conservation boss says `green' management system faces uncertain funding - Spokesman-Review

Logging OK'd in badly damaged forest - Judge Lodge says Forest Service has done proper analysis in Iron Honey sale; environmental groups plan to appeal -Spokesman-Review

US Launches Initiative to Combat Global Problem of Illegal Logging - Voice of America

ID Tags Make Products 'Talk' - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

How your federal representatives are voting - July 29, 2003

A Wildlife Corridor, Green but Imperiled - NY Times

July 28, 2003

Farming for answers: 'Resource land' decision worries landowners - Many say zoning, environmental and tax laws are forcing them off their land - The Columbian

Habitat proposals raising a furor -Tacoma News Tribune

Washington State: Public can comment on shoreline rules - Longview Daily News

Inhofe Challenges Colleagues to Understand Basic Facts About Climate Change Debate -NCPPR

This Year's Chinook Run Belies Worries Over Fish's Future - Yakima-Herald Republic

Iron Curtain green belt backed by Gorbachev- NY Times

Coeur Announces Major Memorandum of Understanding for Kensington Mine Permitting Signed By State and Federal Agencies - Yahoo News

Illinois Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich wants Illinois to become the first 'gun free' state in the Union/Republic - Bill would require that individuals surrender their firearms or be charged with a felony - alert from NRA

July 27, 2003

Homeowner Boards Blur Line of Who Rules Roost - NY Times

State Think Tank Recommends Innovative Ways to Balance State Budget - WA Policy Center

Bush expected to visit Seattle in August -King 5 News

Violent Attack Along Local Trail Rattles Eastside Neighborhood - A woman was gardening when a jogger came off the East Lake Sammamish Trail, down her driveway, and shoved her - KOMO News

Assisted living residents seek new homes - Forced to move because judge refused to extend compliance time for facility - King 5 News

Out with the bath water By Beverly Pelfrey, RN

The Wrong Way to Restore Salmon - Few Results at $400 per fish - CFME

Michael Savage to run for California governor? Radio talk-show host, best-selling author considering independent bid in October - WND

The Wal-Mart Way Becomes Topic A in Business Schools - NY Times

Helicopter pilot killed fighting Wash. wildfire -King 5 News

"Neo-Conned" - speech by Congressman Ron Paul Addresses the U.S. House of Representatives

July 26, 2003

EPA to Reconsider Relaxed Clean-Air Rules - AP

Congress Considers More Wind-Power Rules- AP

Activists ignore history's cycles of warming, cooling - Seattle Times

EPA Held in Contempt By Judge -Seattle Times

Wild fish slighted in recent recovery assessment, says enviro group -Spokesman-Review

Forest Service establishes new timber sale rules - The Missoulian

Cowboy conservationists race to preserve ranches - Desire to prevent suburban sprawl inspires trust that buys rangeland rights - Mercury News

Class Action Shakedown - Trial lawyers continue to exploit the American legal system. Will Congress finally stop the abuse? -CSE

A New Charge Against Fraud and Waste - Budget Committee Chairman Jim Nussle looks at the dark underbelly of all this new government spending - CSE

State cutbacks threaten federal funding - Spokesman-Review

July 25, 2003

Man shoots two cougars that stalked him in Kettle Falls; Wildlife officers kill cougar in Vancouver - AP

Grandmaís House reaches out to children - The Chronicle

Morrison reports on Freedom 21 Conference - The Illinois Leader

Creativity counts as states plug budget gaps -Seattle Times

Costs for birds could soar - A huge flock of cormorants already is raising the price of painting the bridge, and higher costs could be added to the bill - Bremerton Sun

Official makes noise over whisper -Tri-City Herald

The Klamath Basin Water Battle: Check for Updates Here

Ten Commandments tablet sparks lawsuit - Seattle P-I

Senate panel OKs Wild Sky bill - Oppenents say measure doesn't have local support, is driven by Seattle enviromentalists-Everett Herald

Plan would ensure water for farmers who help streams -Bellingham Herald

New Eastside water source near - East King County cities sign contract to wean themselves from Seattle water - Seattle Times

How government regulations threaten America by Dr. Michael S/ Coffman for News with Views

Babbitt faults Norton policies - Says more areas 'cry for protection' - Sacramento Bee

Stossel to look at problems in National Parks, wind power, growth issues

July 24, 2003

Fish case raises new squabble over water - Albuquerque Tribune

Former Rep. Ballard might say yes to run for governor - 'I've learned that you never say no' - Seattle P-I

Three suits aim to undo habitat plan - Land owners and developers call the conservation program unfair and bad science - Press Enterprises

Ninth Circuit Court Rules Goshawk Needs No Protection - LMNS

Oregon State Senator questions accepting federal grants to take more land out of 'traditional' use - Nature Conservancy blasts him for decision - Liberty News Service

The Nature Conservancy Faces Double-Whammy Government Investigation - Liberty News Service

Mountlake Terrace council quarrels over growth plan - Seattle Times

The Faith-Based Initiative is a Trojan Horse - by Tom DeWeese for News with Views

Greens Seeing Red - Frontpage Magazine

July 23, 2003

Judge holds government in contempt over Missouri River, imposes fines - Billings Gazette

Up a Tree In Takoma Park - Disputes Over City's Tough Restrictions Test the Timber of Its Arborist -Washington Post

Greens lying again! by Henry Lamb, for WND

How a Forest Stopped a Fire in Its Tracks - NY Times

Court kills effort to list goshawk as threatened - Center for Biological Diversity sues to challenge logging plans in 11 national forests, based in part on effect on goshawk - Arizona Star Daily

Arizona: Expedite tree thinning, governor says - Arizona Daily Star

Officials want to curb use of county cars - Commissioners say too many go home with workers; departments say it's practical -Spokesman-Review

Number of full-time equivalent state employees continues to rise - EFF

Federal transit data show that rail transit doesn't work - by Randal O'Toole, The Thoreau Institute

July 22, 2003

'Ecological crown jewel' in limbo - State has funds to buy wetlands, but dissents with owner on price -Spokesman-Review

Missouri Breaks landowners question firefighters' efforts -Billings Gazette

As wolf packs grow, so does resentment - Biologists call recovery the most remarkable they've seen, but most ranchers describe it in another way - Spokesman-Review

Three Yellowstone rivers closed to fishing - Warm water temps cited as reason, although studies show fish adapt to warmer water - AP

House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee searching for $500 million of wasted funds - E&E Daily Report

On the Front lines of controversy - Some say there's room for middle ground in drilling debate
- The Missoulian

July 21, 2003

Locke decides against third term bid -King 5 News

Attorney General Gregoire to run for governor -King 5 News

Beware legislation with catchy, 'Mom, apple-pie' titles - TRACKSIDE © by John DíAloia Jr.

State Dept. of Ecology seeks comments on shorelines - again - KONP News

Montana: Groups sue to force restoration after logging finished -Montana News

Corps refuses to drop Missouri River levels -Billings Gazette

Rep Allen pushes land grab in Eastern Maine; smears tax cuts as "mania"- editorial by Erich Veyhl

Report on Cougar attacks from Joel Kretz

Acreage to open up nature park land -Everett Herald

State guts program for small farmers - 'It's just a shame to lose something that worked' - Seattle P-I

July 19, 2003

New study: High cost of housing related to restrictive zoning - from Dr. Adrian Moore

Owning property has become a privilege, not a right -Editorial by Michael Pattinson as published in the N. VA Journal

West Coast Communities face economic devastation Rodney Stubbs for

Idaho high court asked to help halt burning - Spokesman-Review

Boeing layoffs imperil economy -Everett Herald

BPA at risk of default, federal watchdog says -Tacoma News Tribune

Move to study privatizing park service jobs halted -Tacoma News Tribune

Water managers emphasize conservation over storage - Spokesman-Review

Columbia River to get dredging funds - Murray helps funding of $5 million for deepening shipping channel - The Columbian

Judge orders buffers for pesticide use - The Olympian

NAFTA panel rules against Canadian softwood - Ottawa Business Journal

Western Property Owners Beware: Right to Build Roads on Government Property in Jeopardy! -Brian J. Rogers, Defenders of Property Rights

Wyoming governor wants single federal voice on wolves - AP

July 18, 2003

Graves: Endangered Species law needs overhaul - Kansas City Star

Norton Announces $70 Million Giveaway - LMNS

COMMENTARY: Another of Locke's broken promises - EFF

Boeing plans to cut 5,000 more jobs -Seattle Times

Consumer prices drop locally, reflecting deeper recession here - Seattle Times

Greenspan warns of deficit woes - Fed chairman cites impending retirement of baby boomers -The Olympian

Idaho: Forest Service developing caribou strategy - Spokesman-Review

GOP turns attention to Herbold as potential governor candidate -Seattle Times

County Supervisor Chair criticizes California's Multiple Species Conservation Plan - points out that 75.8 percent of the county is already classified as 'open space' - LMNS

Nature Conservancy Continues to Buy Up Texas - LMNS

July 17, 2003

Tribes call gaming cash 'easy target'- Don't want to contribute portion of gambling profits to ease state's budget deficit - Spokesman-Review

Sims wants to harness power of cow manure; county executive wants to use cowpies to produce electricity - King County Reporter

Judge orders reduced Missouri River flow to 'protect nesting areas' - LMNS

Opponents criticize Missouri River ruling - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Citizens work to cut conflict with logging operation - NMBW

Nationís potato acreage declines by 3 percent - Capital Press

US House eliminates $100 million earmarked for UN Population Fund - CFAM

No impact fee hike needed, Lent now says - The Kitsap County commissioner says the county might have enough money coming in from an existing real estate excise tax - Bremerton Sun

July 16, 2003

'Alarmist' Global Warming Claims Unfounded, Says Climatolgist - CNS News

International Conference on Ecology and Transportation set to explore 'habitat connectivity', ecosystems and transportation

GOP loses another possible candidate for governor - Wireless billionaire Stanton says he won't run - Seattle P-I

Dredging proponents hopeful after funding vote - Longview Daily News

Chinook return in record numbers - Spokesman-Review

Big salmon in gill nets revive past -The Oregonian

Olympic Peninsula: Federal grant to allow purchase of private timberlands - PDN

Middle class will feel pinch of tax surcharge - MONEY: Not indexed for inflation, alternative minimum tax will start hitting more people as incomes rise - Bellingham Herald

Irrigators to sue over fish -Tri-City Herald

The Beginning and the Basics: A reminder of why our nation has been great - excerpted from People for the West newsletter

July 15, 2003

The Smart Growth Fraud by Dr. Michael J. Coffman

Recreation group hails decision to permanently enjoin Clinton roadless plan - Blue Ribbon Coalition

State wins grants to protect wildlife - $17.1 million from U.S. will help spotted owls, bobcats, trout and more - Seattle P-I - Washington among 29 states to get conservation grants - Seattle Times

More than 3,000 acres of Olympic Peninsula private forest land to be purchased by federal government, transferred to state DNR to protect owls, murrelets - Bremerton Sun

Washington State jobless rate jumps to 7.7 percent - King 5 News

Aquaculture offers way to expand exports, say business owners - Bremerton Sun

Kaiser looks to land options- Spokesman-Review

Judge blocks ban on building in forests - Bremerton Sun

Park envisioned on Snake canyon rim - Private land to be negotiated with 'willing sellers' - Spokesman-Review

Missouri River ruling could hinder water quality, shipping revenues - AP

July 14, 2003

Another awkward August for the left by John G. Lankford

Bible verses out at Canyon - Park Service says decades-old plaques improper - Arizona Republic

Bureau of Reclamation altars water plan - Klamath now designated a "dry" year instead of "below average" - Siskiyou Daily News

Forest plan under review - NW Forest Plan didn't work; new plan to be put forward - Siskiyou Daily News

West faces energy showdown - Study urges region to take part in talks on power resources - Rocky Mtn. News

Wyoming's wolf plan has feds growling - Conflicts over state's law may keep animals on the endangered list, says federal wildlife official - Rocky Mtn. News

Montana: Future property-tax estimates vary based on county - The Missoulian

Tourist numbers down for unexplained reasons - The Bozeman Chronicle

Land fight brewing in Lyle, WA - The Columbian

WA State department of ecology proposes stricter water rules - Seattle P-I

July 13, 2003

State OT changes doubtful: Local laws likely to trump federal -Seattle Times

Fisher to be considered for endangered species status -Press Democrat

Man Is the Endangered Species editorial by David Ross for DPR

New definition of waste - Analysis of water use in desert sends a message-Ventura County Star

Shellfish districts propose crackdown on stormwater - County advisers' anti-pollution plan targets property owners -The Olympian

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Vancouver to spend $45,000 on hotel project consultant - The Columbian

Wal-Mart Urges Suppliers to Adopt Labels - Newsday

WA State Supreme Court honors TVW for trial coverage -The Olympian

Water wars more likely in rural areas in West than in urban areas - Payson, Prescott, Sedona and Williams are rural Arizona areas considered ripe for conflict - Tucson Citizen

Hillary's Village Comes to Oregon - by Rodney Stubbs for News with Views

All Guns are Machine Guns, Right? - by Larry Pratt for News with Views

July 11, 2003

North Olympic Peninsula, WA: Pieces of aging span will live on as piers - The News Tribune

Washington State: Balloting plan draws criticism - The Olympian

Elwha River dams' removal on track for 2007, government says - PDN

Tribes hope to manage federal refuge, but locals concerned - CBS News

Report: Cost of Government Has Grown Significantly - Talon News

July 10, 2003

Population growth rate takes a tumble - Islands Sounder

Fee vote has political impact for county commissioner - The Republican Party is upset with the first-term official for supporting the building fees - Bremerton Sun

Letter: County Impact Fees: Mr. NIMBY, meet Mr. BANANA - Bremerton Sun Letters - Vivian Henderson

Farewell, ferries -- let's build some bridges - Opinion, Bremerton Sun

Tribes prepare for sizable chinook run -Seattle Times

Renton looks at life after Boeing - Land-use decisions at forefront as big airplane factory shrinks - Seattle P-I

West Sound shellfish beds face threat - The state warns of 10 sites in the region, including two new to the list this year - Bremerton Sun

July 9, 2003

Hooray for Sprawl: New Study Debunks "Smart Growth" By Michael Walden, Carolina Beat

Plentiful Chinook Run Leads to Third Fishing Season - Yakima-Herald

Asparagus Growers Are Facing a Crisis - Blame state's high minimum wage and federal trade policies that make it cheaper to import from foreign countries - Yakima-Herald

Pay Issue Could Hasten Sheep Industry's Demise - Yakima-Herald

Western Washington: Pollution threatens shellfish in 12 counties -Seattle Times

Salmon overload: California fishermen giving away fish -AP

Locke . . . taking "efficiency" too far? By Jason Mercier, Evergreen Freedom Foundation

Skaia clout limits preserve - State seeks to protect rare Oregon white oak; county officials fear further erosion of tax base -The Columbian

Study: Low teacher pay a myth - Unions fail to account for shorter workday, work year - WND

July 8, 2003

More names submitted for petition to change Tacoma government - King 5 News

Northwest wildfires grow -King 5 News

Utah: BlueRibbon Coalition and Utah Shared Access Alliance team up with the Top of Utah Snowmobile Association to challenge new Wasatch Cache National Forest Plan - Blue Ribbon Coalition news release

Climate Change: The Science Isn't Settled By James Schlesinger, Washington Post

Qwest to pay $3.75 mil fine - Agrees to reforms in consumer fraud settlement - Arizona Republic

KLAMATH: Road map to a train wreck - Sierra Times

Yreka, CA: Computer model for future restoration efforts subject of Conservation District meeting - Siskiyou Daily News

Judge voids Elko County road deal - Conservation groups challenge Forest Service - Las Vegas Review Journal

Brazil's Lula in land reform talks - Landless Movement leaders presented Lula with a series of demands -BBC

July 7, 2003

The wise call it "smart growth" no more by John G. Lankford

County, landowner lock horns - Developer says wetlands ruling could affect all waterfront activities -The Olympian

Federal land grabs transforming American society by Henry Lamb, for WND

Wildfires spread across Northwest -King 5 News

California farmers may get less water - WA Times

North Coast lumber company sues tree-sitters -The Olympian

Website turns tables on government officials - Boston Globe

Rockies picked for energy development -AP

Ruling sets an unmanageable standard - Surveys and analysis are no substitute for actual management of our forests- Opinion, The Missoulian

July 6, 2003

25 years later, Calif. tax revolt lessons never more timely by Arthur B. Laffer, for the Arizona Republic

Junking Junk Science -Tech Central Station

Update on buyout of water rights and the Naches Hydropower Plant near Yakima, WA by Gary Wiggins, ESA

Not only are they 'illegal,' they're menace to society -Viewpoint by Kathy McGee, Arizona Republic

Some photos of the Northern Lights

July 5, 2003

Northwest Forest Plan faulted by one of its authors -Seattle Times

Farewell Creek fire grows to 1,260 acres - New fire on Colville reservation -King 5 News

Protection for water - Move to protect water on private land grows - Everett Herald

Washington - Another Federal Land Grab By Tracy Oetting for Sierra Times

Potentially Historic Second Amendment Lawsuit Petitioned to Supreme Court -Silveira v. Lockyer lawsuit could settle decades of controversy
- Sierra Times

Owens and Hurst Closes - Last lumber mill in Eureka, Montana by Bruce Vincent

Killings along two trails - Woman's body found on trail near Puyallup River; man's body found buried along trail in Seattle - King 5 News

A river's path - Tribe seeks protective distinction for the Sauk River - Everett Herald

July 3, 2003

1776 American Dream - Keeping our founding father's vision alive

Silvery Minnow Ruling Prompts Calls for ESA Reform -Liberty News Service

Kempthorne blasts species act - ESA has spawned a 'flood of lawsuits' but done little for species recovery, private landowners or the state, he says-Capital Press

Man Is the Endangered Species editorial by David Ross for DPR

The "Smart Growth" Threat to Property Rights in Virginia - address by Chris Barnes, from DPR

Nature vs. Politics by Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder and former president of Greenpeace

Secretary Norton Applauds World Heritage Committee Decision to Remove Yellowstone from List of Endangered Sites - DOI Press Release

July 2, 2003

Group lists Washington's 'endangered' properties -King 5 News

Business groups advance initiative - Measure repeals workplace ergonomics rules for 2004 -The Olympian

One Cool Question - Letter from Julie Kay Smithson

Six counties to sue feds over tortoise protection - Las Vegas Sun

Klamath :Representatives call for investigation -AP

Snohomish: Property rights 'eroded,' innkeepers complain -Seattle Times

State's population rises at lowest rate in 20 years -Seattle Times

July 1, 2003

Proposed 44,570-acre Weed and Toad Sanctuary - Don Fife, for eco-logic

Science, my foot! Conservation Biology as Science by Jim Beers, for eco-logic

Rep. Roy Blunt Leads the Charge for Property Rights - Mike Hardiman, for eco-logic

State's gas tax jumps a nickel; vehicle sales surtax in effect - Seattle P-I

Crown Pacific timber co. seeks bankruptcy - Trillium, Indian tribes are negotiating to buy firm's timberlands in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish counties - Bellingham Herald

The Free Congress Commentary - Thwarting A Congressional Power Grab by Paul Weyrich


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