Killings along two trails

Body of woman found along Puyallup River

07/05/2003 Associated Press
King 5 news

FIFE, Wash. - The body of a 32-year-old woman has been found on Levee Road along the Puyallup River in Fife, near Tacoma. Pierce County sheriff's deputies say the woman's 30-year-old husband has been arrested and jailed.

NOTE: Puyallup River Levee Trail (Pierce County, Washington) is a seven-mile segment of regional multi-use trail along the Puyallup River linking Tacoma and Puyallup. Features river viewpoints and riparian wetland enhancement.

Police find body buried on a trail in Seattle's Carkeek park


KING 5 News

SEATTLE - Police, acting on what they call a "very credible tip," found a decomposed adult male body Friday night buried in Carkeek Park in northwest Seattle.

Police spokesman Scott Moss said "the credible source" led investigators to a remote section of the park where the burial site was found about 400 yards up a trail and the body was buried about four feet deep.

"It would have been very hard to find had he not led us to this location," said Moss.

Police would not say if the informant was also a suspect. They said they believe they know the body as a man who had been reported missing.

KING Police seal off the investigation site.


No identity was released. The body was taken to the King County medical examiner's office for investigation.

Carkeek Park is a very popular area, especially for hikers, and many picnickers were there celebrating July 4.

Police said the killer took a very big chance digging a grave in such a public area.

"Obviously burying someone in a city park, chances of someone seeing you are a lot greater than if you went out to a wooded area," said Moss. "I'm not sure why - maybe it was just a hasty decision by whoever buried the person here."

(See a map of the Carkeek Park trail system here.) (See a photo of the trail here.)


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