Morrison reports on Freedom 21 Conference

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Commentary by Joyce Morrison
The Illinois Leader

OPINION -- The Freedom 21 annual conference held in Nashville, Tennesee, this past weekend could not have been better. It was power packed and filled with stories of success.

Iím going to detail more than usual - just for all my good friends across the nation who wanted to attend but could not.

In fact, it has been a really great week. The greens are upset. The League of Conservation Voters are screaming really loud about how bad George Bush has been to them, and they are out to get him. Property rights has scored a number of victories in Congress recently.

When you hear the greens cry, you know you just struck a nerve.

There were some outstanding stories relating to the achievements on the side of the Constitutional First Amendment and the right to express our opinions and free speech.

Greens and other radical socialist-leaning groups are finding it is not "all about them." They are really in the minority but scream loud and have lots of money to spread propaganda to make people think there are a lot more out there than really are. Bullying is their main tactic.

A lot of plain old hard working Americans are still out there, and a sleeping giant is waking up - and getting ready to "roll." Americaís people are understanding their freedoms are under attack - not from a foreign enemy - but from within their own borders.

Citizens all across the country have had a battle with attacks on their personal and property rights. Unless you have had your home and work threatened, it is difficult to understand.

Rather than continue to take the abuse, threats, and hate mail that come with these attacks, victims are turning these vile comments and threats over to the FBI. An Alabama property rights group turned all their hate mail and threats over to the FBI, their senators, representatives, judges, and local police enforcement and have asked for police protection.

Officials had no idea of the blatant hate out there among some of these groups and are cooperating with the offended victims. Earth Liberation people have been extremely destructive recently.

Kay McClanahan and her 72-year-old husband from South Carolina were physically injured because they wanted to speak at a local meeting using their right to use the First Amendment. They were on the agenda, given two minutes time to speak, and they were physically attacked. Kay is still disabled from the attack. Not only has she had verbal and physical attacks, these radicals killed her horse. They are a danger and should be treated accordingly.

Kay is a forensic investigator and has received numerous awards. She was the first woman in the forensic field to work with the law enforcement in her state. "I will find them," Kay said about the cowardly ones who killed her horse. All this has happened because "they" want the McClanahanís property.

Exciting news. Paragon Foundation of Alamogordo, New Mexico, and Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) have joined forces. They will remain separate in some aspects but have joined together as the Environmental Conservation Organization. The Paragon Powerhouse and Eco-logic have joined their publication and it is called Eco-Logic Powerhouse (

This new organization will bring great resources. Jay Zane Wally will be out and about with the war wagon. He has the telecommunications ability to get your story out to the nation. Joining these two groups together has joined the East and the West and everything in between. This organization hopes to be the glue for all the small local groups. Wally said, "We have millions of people involved and it is exciting. Donít miss your chance to get on board" (

Henry Lamb, Executive Vice President of the Environmental Conservation Organization, has attended United Nations meetings around the world and has contributed to the Freedom 21: Alternative to Agenda 21 campaign. Lamb is one of the most brilliant leaders in exposing the agenda planned for unsuspecting American citizens.

Lamb is a weekly columnist for World Net Daily and has established numerous world changing groups. He is a sought after speaker (

Dr. Michael Coffman, CEO of Sovereignty International, author of Saviors of the Earth and numerouis other books and videos, reported on the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he introduced Freedom 21: Alternative to Agenda 21.

Coffman is instrumental in keeping the United Nations Biodiversity Treaty from being signed in the U.S. Even though it has not been ratified and is not legal, it is being implemented - thanks to the Clinton administration (

Also reporting on Johanneburg was David Rothbard, President of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (C-FACT). David sponsored and escorted college students to U.N. meetings in Europe and Africa and helped organize the protests in Johannesburg that made international news regarding Agenda 21 and the Freedom 21 alternative.

Both Coffman and Rothbard said there was a much more positive attitude with the Bush administration representing the United States at the United Nations. The Earth Charter, which was to be Agenda 21ís answer to The Ten Commandments, apparently did not make the splash it was expected to make although it is still to be watched (

Whatís Wrong with Education in America 2 was explained by Allen Quist, a political science professor from the Maple River Education Coalition. He illustrated how public education has become a tool for those who seek to "dumb down" our nationís children. Allen is the author of Fed Ed: The New Federal Curriculum and How Itís Enforced, with a foreword by Phyllis Schlafly (

Another keynote favorite was Phyllis Shlafly, co-founder of Freedom 21. She is nationally renowned for her work. Following her stimulating talk on the "truth behind the immigration problem," she received a rousing standing ovation. Shlafly is known in Illinois for her work helping to stop the Equal Rights Amendment but is nationally know and is also the founder of Eagle Form, a national organization (

The American Policy Center is a think tank in Washington, D.C. President of APC, Tom DeWeese spoke on "Homeland Security vs. Individual Freedom." DeWeese publishes the DeWeese Report. DeWeese said "it is essential to know how these new laws and regulations affect every American" (

With DeWeese was Joan E. Peros, a geopolitical jounalist and professional global media consultant from California. Peros had a tremendous amount of information to share regarding the United Nations meetings she has attended.

Kent Snyder, Executive Director of Ron Paulís Liberty Committee ( and Mike Hardiman, author of "Washington Watch" and former policy analyst for Resources Committee Chairman, Richard Pombo, brought us up to date on what was happening in the 108th Congress. We really feel fortunate to have these two young warriors on the front lines on our behalf.

Wendell Cox from Illinois is one of the nationís foremost authorities on Smart Growth.

He demonstrated many problems with the concept of "sustainable communities" as promoted by Agenda 21. This is information everyone needs to resist the "takeover" of your community.

Cox spends two months each year in Paris teaching. He has worked with Los Angeles, Portland, Paris, Toronto and numerous large areas in an effort to advise them with their transportation problems (

A great report was presented regarding Agenda 21 in Santa Cruz, California, and the control it is bringing to the residents. The takeover of Richland County property in South Carolina by Smart Growth drew a lot of attention as each state is beginning to see it coming to their communties all across the nation.

Also, a forest report and the state of the forest fire conditions this year was given by Montana resident, Clarice Ryan. A legislative update regarding the problems faced by Illinois and property rights issues in Alabama were among the state reports.

It is impossible to tell how many great exchanges took place and the encouragement given to those fighting battles on the home front. Almost every state was represented.

As people are becoming informed, they are anxious to get on board to save America for the future of their families.

Tapes of the conference can be obtained from: Life in the Balance Video Productions, 2640 Deadhorse Mountain Road, Fayetteville, AR 72701 Phone 479-582-3988.


Joyce Morrison
Joyce Morrison lives in southern Illinois. She is a chapter leader for Concerned Women for America and she and her husband, Gary, represent the local Citizens for Private Property Rights. Joyce is Secretary to the Board of Directors of Rural Restoration/ADOPT Mission, a national farm ministry located in Sikeston.
She has become a nationally-recognized advocate for property rights.


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