The battle between good and evil

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June 8, 2004

A recent TRACKSIDE described the world-wide fight against terrorism as a battle between Good and Evil. A reader took great exception, stating that this implied it was a religious war. This just could not be, he said, as we are a secular nation. I say again, acknowledge it or not, like it or not, a religious war is exactly what we are in. The politically-correct sensibilities of those who believe that we are a secular nation may be offended by such a notion, and the Utopian dreams of The Guardians may have excluded such wars from their political calculus, but they and the rest of the nation had better wake up before the definition of Islam - "submission" - is forced upon us.

The battle did not start with the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 - it started in the 7th Century with the creation of a religion out of whole cloth, taking bits and pieces from Judaism, Christianity, and paganism, and sewing them together with a simplistic, all-or-nothing belief system - either the rest of the world converts or is eliminated. Since then, there have been major ebbs and flows in the battle, with Islam expanding militarily, then contracting when Western Civilization and Christendom rose up to defend itself. One description of the time-line identifies three great jihads. The First Jihad was the wars of conquest undertaken by Mohammed. The Second Jihad was the expansion of the Ottoman Empire which collapsed in the 17th Century.

Today, the sword of the Prophet has been taken up by the disciples of Wahhabism in the Third Jihad, using car bombs, suicide bombers, missiles, commandeered airliners, improvised munitions, and yes, chemical weapons. They themselves describe it thus. Technology gives them the ability to strike anywhere; they are not tied to their homeland or its Marches. The Jihadistanis now spreading death and destruction are doing it for religious reasons, in the name of Allah, not for revenge or retaliation or out of desperation created by the conditions in which they live. When they call America the Great Satan, they mean it. An integral part of all this is that for these Muslims, the concept of the separation of church and state is null and void. The conversion they want is not just a religious conversion; they want the conversion of government to one based solely on the Koran, a theocracy, a Great Caliphate ruling the world.

A reader did not like the term LeftMedia, claiming it was not a valid word. Shucks, if the socialists can have a living Constitution, I can have a living dictionary. Dr. Jack Wheeler, writing on the ToThePointNews web site, labeled the LeftMedia the "Pogo Press." He chose this name as the LeftMedia have, in effect, taken up Pogo’s mantra "We have met the enemy and he is us." Dr. Wheeler holds that the Pogo Press has become "America’s Number One Enemy in the War on Terrorism," and provides a reason for so stating: ".... their pathological prejudices have turned their brains into monochrome mush." Mush, I am not sure of, but for sure, the LeftMedia is exhibiting vincible ignorance - they have the brains and means to find the truth but they are deliberately avoiding to do so as it would put a dent in their efforts to oust President Bush. The president’s defeat and the seating of their favorite socialists is more important than defeating the Jihadistanis or defending our freedoms. Dr. Wheeler called for replacing members of the Pogo Press in the White House press corp with members of the Patriot Press, his term for the alternate news sources that are trying to uncover and publish the truth, no matter where the chips may fall. We do not need, and our constitutional republic cannot survive, a sycophant press, no matter whose shoes it is licking. The American people need the truth - the survival of our country mandates electoral decisions made on fact, not demagogy and emotion spewing forth from a press that has chosen sides.

On Saturday, May 29, I lost a friend, all Kansans lost a friend. State Senator Stan Clark died in a car wreck on I-70 caused by what turned out to murderous weather conditions. Stan was a gentleman, with friends on both sides of the aisle, but he was also a man of principle and faith. He was not ashamed of his conservative convictions or shy in advocating his positions in floor debate, in committee, or on the stump. He well represented his constituents. Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine!


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