Little League asks for community help in saving playing fields

June 2004

Letter forwarded by Cynthia Woods, Bonnie Lake, WA

Dear Friends and Families of North and South Little Leagues and Community:

We hope you are all enjoying the excitement of another fantastic little league season.

This year, in our community of Snohomish, there is an extra buzz of excitement in the air with the beautiful addition of the new North Snohomish Little League complex taking shape next to South Snohomish Little League’s already thriving gem of a complex.

Having these two “fields of dreams” next to each other, in our community, has become a huge source of Snohomish pride. Due to the outstanding community support, and unmentionable sacrifices of hundreds of selfless volunteers, we now have the ultimate place for families in our community to congregate and enjoy the great American pastime in an environment of safety, fun, and friendly competition along with a legacy and facilities to hand down for generations to come.

The physical beauty of our complexes are matched only by the environmental splendor of Snohomish and the Pacific Northwest. As residents and leagues of Snohomish County, we are blessed with great land in which to recreate and are always committed to protecting the land we use.

Regrettably, current zoning laws on our land may force us to lose all that we have achieved and can potentially prevent us from playing on the fields within our complex after next year (2005 season).

Fortunately, we have county officials, as well as legislators, who want to help us deal with the issues that threaten our fields.

Board Members of both North and South Little Leagues have met with very cooperative county officials and are working diligently to educate ourselves to the zoning issues, as well as the potential solutions – both administratively, as well as politically (there is pending legislation (SB 5661) and the review/update of “The Growth Management Act” (due in early 2005) in which either can resolve the zoning issue).

Both leagues are working together to gather information to build a unified voice with which to inform all of us in this community as to what actions, if any, we all need to take to save these fields for our kids and community.

Please take the time to discuss these issues with all of your friends, family, and neighbors in our community. Our county officials, politicians, and Little League Board Members look forward to your ideas, help, and support.

Here is contact information for District 44:
Senator Dave Schmidt 360-786-7686 e-mail:
Representative Hans Dunshee 360-786-7804, 360-568-5204 e-mail:
Representative John Lovick 360-786-7892, e-mail:

If you are not sure if you are in district 44, go to:
to search Legislative district by address.

If you have questions about this issue, feel free to call: Jon Sherin 425-316-3034 or Charles Hower 425-876-9397. E-mail


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