Tri-Area: Approved sewer plan excludes controversial wetland disposal pond next to homes - -- - but it remains on paper

Peninsula Daily News

PORT HADLOCK , WA -- Planning Commission members approved a sewer plan for the Tri-Area urban growth area Wednesday night, eliminating a proposed wetland disposal site near a neighborhood as an alternative.

But the alternative remains in writing in county planning documents.

And that troubles two Planning Commission members and residents living near the wetland.

``I know it won't happen, but I want to see Alternative 4 (wetland disposal) totally out,'' said Planning Commissioner Eileen Rogers.

``I am disappointed with this document.''

Rogers also leveled criticism at a technical review committee and the consultant who made wetland disposal the preferred alternative.

``I'm shocked they didn't have the foresight to visit the neighborhood,'' Rogers said.

Another member, Jenny Davis, also spoke out against leaving the alternative in the plan.

``I know if we scratch (Alternative 4) right now it will cause a lot of work, but that's what needs to be done,'' Davis said.

`Force' wanted

Dave Johnson, a resident of the neighborhood that would abut the wetland disposal area, criticized the Planning Commission for not eliminating that alternative.

``All you've done is drop one word out of the document,'' Johnson said.

``I would like you to put in a little more force.''



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