Letter to the Editor: Mexican government should be held accountable for their part in the illegal alien problem

9 June 2007

Letters to the Editor
Yakima Herald-Republic
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Dear Editor:

Reference Ron L. Anderson’s letter in the 9 June 2007 edition of the Yakima Herald-Republic.

Mr. Anderson was absolutely correct when he opined that the Mexican government should be held accountable for their part in the illegal alien problem we are being forced to deal with; however, it is highly unlikely any such thing will happen.

The Judicial Watch organization has been keeping a close eye on the so-called “Security and Prosperity Partnership” (SPP) initiated by President Bush, past Mexican President Vicente Fox and former Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2005.  This agreement was concluded behind closed doors and with little, if any, oversight by Congress.

As it stands, the SPP agreement will most assuredly bring about more government deceit, destroy our sovereignty as a nation, cause more government corruption than our government(s) are currently involved in, and American’s will be forced to fund the rebuilding of Mexico.   Documents “obtained by Judicial Watch from the Department of Health and Human Services include a financial ‘work plan’ calling for an American taxpayer supported program to improve Mexico’s infrastructure.  The objective has a timeline of 6-18 months, and appears to involve the United States government (American Taxpayers) spending large amounts of money on Mexico’s physical infrastructure.” 

Like most government implemented projects, rebuilding Mexico’s infrastructure will not likely be the end of American tax dollars flowing across the border.  Once politicians and bureaucrats get the cash flowing, they always seem to find something else that needs their attention and an infusion of taxpayer’s dollars.


Keith Allison
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