No-Compromise Reigns at Local Meetings
 over Critical Area Code

by Lois Krafsky-Perry

The theme of “no compromise” is causing waves in Clallam County, in response to the local thrust, towards repealing the Critical Areas Code (CAC).

Chairman of the Committee to Repeal the Critical Areas Code, Bob Forde of Sequim, spoke to several groups in May and the petitions are being signed by thousands of citizens who are tired of excessive government restrictions on their tax-supported properties.

At a forum held in Port Angeles, Forde also held to the "no compromise" position when the question was raised about making changes to the Code.  "It is so convoluted even the local planners can't interpret it," he stated.  "We need to get rid of it in its entirety."

Forde presented the efforts of the committee and delivered petitions to a group of 28 members of the Clallam County Republican Party, May 21st, in Port Angeles. Many of them were concerned and anxious to identify problems and deal with the CAC before it is too late for the freedoms they enjoy for their welfare, happiness, and health, as owners of private property. A majority of those present took petitions to get signatures, stating they want to help get the issue on the ballot.

The Sequim resident recently spoke on Forks radio KLLM and has attended meetings Forks, where he gathered the largest amount of signatures, with more names accumulating daily. 

July 8 is the deadline for over 4,000 signatures to put the repeal on the Clallam County November ballot.

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