How to Know When to Circle the Wagons

By Daniel D. New
from eco-logic
June 15, 2002

It's a big problem, this wagon train of life, both for individuals and for nations. How do we know when to move ahead, when to go back, and when to circle the wagons?

The answer is that every member of a wagon train is responsible for "reading sign," for noticing those little things that indicate it is time to interrupt our normal lives of traveling across a dusty plain, and to circle the wagons. Little things, like the fresh hoofprint of an unshod horse. Like movement behind a tree or rock. Like a flaming arrow arcing toward the lead wagon. Little things like that.

Here are some signs that we must learn to read, in order to know that our entire culture, our way of life, and our system of private property and Constitutional government is under direct attack by that religion of greater danger to America today than all of radical Islam put together -- radical environmentalism. They are phrases and words we hear from the lips of journalists, from elected politicians, and from unelected bureaucrats. Some of them are but a hoofprint. Some of them are flaming arrows aimed at the lead wagon.

The goal of these marauding savages is the destruction of that great evil: private property. Until private property is done away with, the Workers Paradise will remain unfulfilled. This is pure Marxism, pure Hegelian Principles, pure "struggle of the dialectic" stuff. But when it is proclaimed from the White House, it is perceived as something less than anti-American. That's called marketing. Lyndon Johnson called it "taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots." George Bush calls it, "compassionate conservatism." Distilled down, it's socialism, pure and simple.

Well, those selfish old owners of private property have been problematic. Like spoiled babies, they just refuse to give up their bottle in exchange for a dirty diaper. So the direct assault has proven impossible. (And always will, for the same reason that a well-armed wagon train was a formidable target 140 years ago. Those guys have guns!) People who own property have this crazy idea that they can do with it as they wish, without regard for the desires and never-ending demands of those who don't. This is why the Founding Fathers limited suffrage to those who owned property. Those were the good old days. It's also why they refused to ratify the Constitution until the Bill of Rights was passed, its sole function being to limit the Federal Government.

So our 21st Century marauding savages are no longer redskins, they are greenskins. And they seek to slow the wagon train with green tape. Imagine if the wagon train was required to take (at their own expense) a group of inspectors who checked the speed, made the pioneers clean up the manure from their animals, made them use government-approved axle grease, limited the hours a man could ride in a saddle, made them avoid the habitat of endangered species, made them lock away their guns to keep them safe, etc., etc. About 48 hours from civilization, those guys would have become organic coyote food.

Here are fifteen easy signs (there are many more) that should tip the discerning citizen and elected county commissioner that a raid on private property and individual freedom is underway:

  • Endangered Species
  • Sustainable development
  • Biodiversity
  • Global Warming
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • Partnership for Development
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Emissions Control
  • Stakeholders (water, minerals, air, etc.)
  • Initiative to eradicate poverty
  • World Summit on (anything)
  • Ratify the Protocol on (anything)
  • "If it saves the life of just one child... ."
  • Global Cooling, Global Warming
  • Viewshed Conservation

All these phrases came from that classic website for the imposition of Darwinian Marxism, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature,, where you can see where the Red tape is generated. (There are many more, and many of them are linked from that website.) The tenets of Karl Marx are packaged in nice legislative initiatives, in proposed global and regional treaties, in propaganda for the classroom, in recommended standards for "protecting the environment," and they show up on the other end of the pipe as regional rules that transcend the authority of the community or county to overrule.

These people set up a phony "consensus process," whereby appointed (rarely elected) men and women of local importance arrive (unknowingly, and invariably with the help of an outside "facilitator") at a pre-determined conclusion, all of which is aimed at solving some crisis, but results in restricting private property and increasing the power of the almighty bureaucracy. (They don't trust elected officials.) They work through "regional councils" and "conservation districts," and they tie the hands of local government, and of farmers, ranchers, and property owners to develop their own property. It is a huge industry, and it is designed to throttle free enterprise and impose a radical agenda.

To deny that the radical environmentalist agenda seeks to destroy private property is to refuse to look at the evidence. County Commissioners and State Representatives who think they can "mind their own business" and this will all go away, are not reading the signs. And yet, we appoint them as "scouts" for our "wagon train" for that very purpose.

It's time to fire some scouts and circle the wagons.


Daniel New is the father of Michael New, who refused to submit to the command of the United Nations. His web sites are U.N. Watch, and U.N.-FreeZone.

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